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10/9/2015 9:19 PM

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OLC has announced the new events from next winter to early spring in TDR.

TDL event is "Anna & Elsa Frozen Fantasy" featured "Frozen"
This is same event of this year's. But next year's event will become more "BIG"

This year's event was just "Greeting" So, it was not good, than I expected.
Next year's is "Greeting" becomes "Parade" 5 floats goes though parade route.
and all main characters appear in this Parade included "Hans" I am so surprised "Hans" appears.
I think this will be the first time to look "Hans" if he will not appear before this event start.

TDS starts new limited Greeting show " Come Join us with your friends"
Mickey and his pals, Duffy, shelliemay welcome "Gelatoni"
So, this will be first time to look "Gelatoni" in the Park!!!
I wonder his look in the show, also Mickey and pals outfit too.
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10/10/2015 6:45 AM

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Hans and Gelatoni, how awesome!

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