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2/6/2016 8:44 PM

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Hi everybody,

I want to apologize for being a drama king lately, because I finally got my spirits up again for rare characters. Believe it or not, I just met Jiminy Cricket in Stage 17 at DCA for their exclusive annual passholder event. And I got to meet the lovable trumpet playing Gator, Louis, and Dr. Facilier. I tried to get Mulan and Mushu but that stupid line ruin for.....well, I'll let that pass. I'm so happy and makes me realize maybe there's still hope for more rare characters coming back. Even though it's only for limited time. I may not get to Brer Fox for a while and we may have lost Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree, but meeting Jiminy Cricket is really worth it and I hope someday I'll find Brer Fox again. For those of you are AP's, tomorrow is Jiminy's last day meet and greeting. The next character I heard next week will be Baloo and King Louie. Then it's Roger Rabbit, and finally it will be Baymax.
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