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11/27/2011 4:13 AM
Peter Pan's Shadow
Peter Pan's Shadow

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It has been known for some time now that Fantasy Festival Stage in Fantasyland in Disneyland Paris will be closed and converted into the new pemanent meet 'n' greet location of Mickey Mouse.

In the last two weeks, as expected construction walls have indeed gone up around the theatre, and work has begun to install Mickey's new home.

Fantasy Festival Stage & Fantasyland Station and the courtyard looking fresh after their refurb

The new 2012 DLP brochure, now available in travel agencies and online, which was released just about two weeks ago, also now has a small description that reads (and I quote)

"[Mickey] welcomes you to meet him backstage in the rehearsal room of his theatre in Fantasyland."

The description goes on to detail the "ornate music hall" where, while waiting in line, you can "laugh along with some classic short films featuring Mickey".  [ Read More... ]
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11/27/2011 5:08 AM

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I hope Mickey meets guests in a special outfit instead of his "regular" outfit like in WDW!

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