Walt Disney World

Phileas Fog went around the world in 80 days, but you don't need to take so long (unless you really want to), here at EPCOT. Visit eleven countries and meet all your Disney pals in their home settings. From the United Kingdom, to France, Mexico and beyond there is much adventure to be had and many different cuisines and cultures to explore, whilst meeting all your Disney friends along the way. Alternatively check out Future World and meet some of the Classic Disney characters or some out of this world friends.

Meeting Disney Characters

EPCOT often has many random characters out and about, and some that are regular but aren't listed on the daily schedules. I have compiled a list here of the main ones you are nearly always going to find. More detailed character meeting info can be found on the actual character page, or on more specific location pages.
  • Mickey, Minnie and Goofy, and Baymax, Joy and Sadness at the Character Spot in Future World
  • Belle in France
  • Aladdin and/or Jasmine at Morocco
  • Snow White at Germany
  • Donald Duck at Mexico
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Pictures of EPCOT