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NEWS! OSWALD the Lucky Rabbit debuts at Tokyo DisneySea and Roger Rabbit appears in Disneyland!
DisneyDan  Tuesday, April 1, 2014 1:29:14 PM
Hello everyone,

Today we are pleased to announce the exciting news that Oswald the Lucky Rabbit finally made his official Disney Parks debut at Tokyo DisneySea in Japan! Greeting fans at a special location in American Waterfront at the park, he has been received with instant love from the entire Disney community, and a sense of completeness now that he has taken his rightful place in the Disney family.

Although we personally could not be there at his debut, many fan pages and accounts are posting pictures across the internet, and it's almost impossible not to find good photos of him! The Disney Parks Blog even posted about his debut, and shared this photo, which I have inserted below.

Image (C) The Walt Disney Company

Jon and I will be at Tokyo Disney Resort in less than 8 weeks time, and intend to be at park opening to meet him on our first day at the resort!

Over at Disneyland in California, another very rare rabbit appeared this week for the Springtime Roundup at Big Thunder Ranch - Roger Rabbit! Having been part of the Bunny Hop on Main Street last year, Roger now joins the new festivities at the Ranch, greeting guests for some Easter fun. We understand that he is expected to appear daily until the Springtime Roundup ends on April 20th, but of course that is subject to change at any time. Character Central forum member Dan-Tasmic! posted some photos of Roger greeting just yesterday, in our Springtime Roundup topic, here on the forum.

Ok, that's all for now.

The top 11 places to meet Mickey Mouse at Disney Parks around the world
DisneyDan  Saturday, March 29, 2014 10:55:27 AM
No trip to a Disney Park would be complete without meeting everybody's favourite star, and the world's most famous mouse, Mickey! I've compiled a list of our top places to meet him at each of the 11 Disney Parks around the world. Some of them are not as obvious as you would initially anticipate, as I have tried to offer suggestions of places where you find him wearing different outfits, or where lines are shorter.

So, let's take a look! I've organised the locations purely by destination, and not in any kind of rank order.

1. Disneyland Park at the Disneyland Resort in California

Disneyland is the gateway to the whimsical world of Toontown, and where better to meet Mickey than in his house there? Depending on your time of visiting, Mickey could be wearing a variety of outfits which include his classic suit, his bandleader outfit, Steamboat Willie outfit or Sorcerer's Apprentice hat and gown. You never know which one he'll be wearing, and while you wait you get to explore the magical home of the world's most beloved mouse!

Disneyland Aug 2009 - Meeting Steamboat Willie

2. Disney California Adventure at the Disneyland Resort in California

When Mickey visits DCA, he greets is fans on the historical Buena Vista Street, wearing his 1920's Los Angeles clothes. It's a cute outfit and a fitting location indeed.

Meeting Mickey Mouse

3. Magic Kingdom Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Mickey's home at the Magic Kingdom is in Town Square Theater on Main Street USA. Here Mickey feels most comfortable, and actually talks to guests whilst wearing his special magicians costume! What sort of conversation will you have with him?

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse in their new home

Sadly we haven't yet visited Mickey at Town Square Theater since he started talking to guests. The photo above is from a previous visit. The picture below is one taken by our good friend Lori, who has been lucky enough to meet him since he started talking!

Talking Mickey Mouse

4. EPCOT at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

While visiting EPCOT, Mickey greets guests at the Character Spot. Although he doesn't wear a special outfit here, it is the only place you can meet him regularly in the park.
Note that the backdrop has changed since we last saw Mickey here, but remains largely similar.

WDW April 2011 - Stopping by the Character Spot

5. Disney Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

At Disney's Hollywood Studios, Mickey wears his Sorcerer's Apprentice inside the Magic of Disney Animation building. Which spells will you help him conjure up?

WDW Sept 2008 - Meeting Sorcerer Mickey

6. Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Join Mickey before he sets off on his next expedition, at the Adventurers Outpost on Discovery Island! Minnie is nearly always there too, also wearing her explorers costume.

Meeting Mickey and Minnie

7. Disneyland Park at Disneyland Paris

This one is a bit more obscure (you might have expected I had chose 'Meet Mickey Mouse' in Fantasyland), but I have chosen Discoveryland because when Mickey visits the retro-future he dons his special space suit. Although he doesn't come out daily in Discoveryland, unlike the rest of the locations listed above, it is fairly regular, and it is the only place in the world you will find Mickey wearing a space suit!

Meeting Mickey Mouse

8. Walt Disney Studios Park at Disneyland Paris

When he's filming on location at the Studios, Mickey greets fans wearing his classic outfit at Toon Plaza, in Toon Studios. The backdrop is nearly always that of his house back in Toontown.

Mickey Mouse

9. Tokyo Disneyland at Tokyo Disney Resort

Again, you might have expected me to chose Mickey's permanent location in Toontown, but that can often get lines of 4 hours or more, and so I have picked somewhere a bit more "relaxed". Although he doesn't come out daily in Westernland, when he does, Mickey wears his special Western outfit. The Japanese call this a "free" character set, meaning he will walk around greeting guests, instead of having a multi-hour wait! Be warned though, when he appears, there will nearly always be hoards of Japanese fans screaming for the attention of their idol! The experience of watching them do that is alone worth meeting Mickey here over any structured location!

Character fun in Westernland

10. Tokyo DisneySea at Tokyo Disney Resort

Deep in the heart of the Lost River Delta, Mickey is on an excavation trip. When he's taking a break from digging up ancient ruins, he greets his fans in his tent, wearing his cute archaeologist outfit. This is one of the few places at Tokyo Disney Resort where a structured meet 'n' greet location has relatively "short" lines, too, making it a great place to visit Mickey and friends!

TDR Oct 2012 - Meeting Mickey and Minnie

11. Hong Kong Disneyland at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Bears and gold are the main attraction in the little town of Grizzly Gulch. It's also where Mickey likes to hang out when visiting Hong Kong Disneyland, and he does it in style, wearing his excellent gold rush costume! Minnie nearly always appears alongside him, too.

DDE May 2013 - Meeting Characters in Grizzly Gulch

Of course, these locations aren't the only places at the parks where you can meet the Big Cheese, but are the ones that I felt were different or unique in some way.

News and updates - Avengers runDisney half marathon and new night parade both coming to Disneyland!
DisneyDan  Tuesday, February 25, 2014 10:59:05 AM
Hello everyone,

Hot on the heels of the Marvel/Spider-Man news the last few days from Disneyland Paris, which I talked about yesterday, today the Disney Parks Blog announced that the Disneyland Resort would be hosting an Avengers half marathon from 14th - 16th November this year! The promotional video clearly states that Avengers characters and entertainment would be at the event, with the picture showing a cartoon of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America, who have all previously featured as characters, but also now the Hulk! If the image is accurate then as far as we know right now, this will be the first time the Hulk will be featured as a character at the Disney Parks! There is of course the chance he may appear before then anyway, or he may not show up at all, but I am guessing they are going to be fairly accurate with their concept portrayal and who actually shows up. Very exciting news indeed!
EDIT: I just checked the official runDisney site, and it states "Join the Avengers team of Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Tony Stark for the Inaugural Avengers Super Heroes Half Marathon Weekend." Could this mean that Black Widow and Hawkeye will come to Disneyland, too? It would be amazing if true!

Also, the blog site Disney and More posted yesterday that the new Hong Kong Disneyland nighttime parade, Paint the Night, that I had previously mentioned could be on its way to Disneyland for their 60th anniversary next year also! This would mean that, sadly, it would only be a Hong Kong exclusive for a few months before Disneyland get their own version. Although it is awesome that Disneyland could get a new night parade again, it is sad that they have to degrade the uniqueness of Hong Kong's efforts by copying it. Nonetheless, I'm sure it will be a welcomed addition to both resorts.

There has been a ton of news the last few days, so why not check out my previous blog posts for all the latest information. Links below.

Read here the news about Spider-Man at Disneyland Paris, Festival of Fantasy at WDW and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Read here the news about Star Wars Weekends at WDW, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Spring season at Disneyland Paris and parade changes at Hong Kong Disneyland.

That's all for now!

News and updates from around the world - Tokyo's Spring events, Disneyland's Character Round-Up, DCA's Lunar New Year and more!
DisneyDan  Saturday, January 18, 2014 2:40:50 PM
Hello everyone,

The Disney Parks Blog announced this week that Disney California Adventure would play host to Disneyland Resort's Lunar New Year Celebrations this year, which will feature Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, Mulan and Mushu over at Paradise Gardens. There will be crafting, Chinese dragon and lion dances, as well as Vietnamese and Korean dance groups. The event will run from 31st January until 2nd February inclusive, from 11am until 5pm.

The Disney Parks Blog also announced that the Disneyland Resort is playing host to another round of rare character weekends from now until May, yes May! Every Friday through Sunday you can head over to the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree to see who is appearing. Our good friend Loren was there last weekend, and you can check out his report on who he met, here.

The Tokyo Disney Resort Blog made a post revealing some information (albeit all in Japanese) about this year's spring events at the resort. From the 2nd April through 23rd June inclusive, the resort will play host to various shows and parades at both parks.
At Tokyo Disneyland, after a hiatus last year, the park sees a spring parade back on its streets, titled Hippiti-Hoppiti Spring Time. The parade will feature seven new floats, starring Mickey and his friends in their spring finest, as well as Marie. The blog also mentions Easter Bunnies, but it's hard to make out whether it means that the Easter Bunny himself will feature, or if he's just a statue on a float.
At Tokyo DisneySea, Lido Isle Welcome to Spring, Easter in New York and Springtime Surprise all return for another year, at the various ports around the park.
In addition to the shows and parade featuring the characters, there will be special menus, merchandise and decorations.
Jon and I will be there in May, and cannot wait to see the new parade!

I want to also point you to my previous news posts from the last week or so, in case you missed them, because there were some interesting things that are still relevant.

To find out about news for Captain America, Marie, and a brand new Disney On Ice show featuring the Frozen characters, click here.

To find out about Disneyland Paris Spring events, queue lines, Aurora and Camp Minnie-Mickey, click here.

To find out about Doc McStuffins and other news, click here.

For my tribute to the recently retired Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, click here.

For my tribute to the recently closed Camp Minnie-Mickey, click here.

For my massive photo-filled year in review for 2013, click here.

For my most recent dining review for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, click here.

Finally, I have been adding more and more content to the site, including locations and characters! As well as that, new photos show up across the site on many pages almost daily, as we continue to work through our massive backlog! Whenever you visit a page on the site, you never know what you might see that's new or different! So be sure to check back regularly.

Ok, I think that's everything for this evening,

News and updates from around the world - Captain America coming to Disneyland, new Disney On Ice show featuring Frozen characters and much more!
DisneyDan  Friday, January 10, 2014 1:24:28 PM
Hello everyone,

Today the Disney Parks Blog announced that the First Avenger, Captain America, would soon be making his Disney Parks debut at Disneyland in California. Captain America had made his world debut as a Disney Character at D23 last summer, and has since been greeting young guests in the kids' area aboard the newly refurbished Disney Magic, but this marks the first time he will be made available for all guests in a public space at the parks.

Members on WDWMagic Forum have reported that Aristocat Marie has now taken to sporting her more up to date look while visiting Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom was the last place that Marie was yet to sport her gentler new look, having made her debut last Valentine's Day at Disneyland Paris.

Also on WDW Magic Forum, there has been speculation that the Christmas garlands that hang across the street will no longer be put up going forward, as the new parade is too high for them, which is somewhat disappointing. But of course, this is only rumour at this stage.
Speaking of the new parade, the Disney Parks Blog have been teasing fans with images of an as-of-yet unreported float for the Festival of Fantasy. As of right now we know for sure that there will be a balloon for Mickey, a boat for Rapunzel, Monstro for Pinocchio, a flower garden for some other princesses, giant bagpipes for Merida, a clam shell for Ariel and a cool looking swinging ship for Peter Pan. However, the new images reveal to us a strange, almost steampunk inspired oven, that really could be anything! Current speculation is that it is either Tiana's Palace, one of Maurice's inventions, or something even cooler such as a machine from Treasure Planet or Atlantis, though, those last two are pretty slim chances, sadly!

Moving on now, and last night Jon received a survey from Disney On Ice, which proved to be quite interesting. The text below is from the survey:

"Act 1
Mickey and Minnie invite you to enter the magical world of
Disney On Ice’s newest ice show! Dive into the vibrant aquatic world “under the sea” with Ariel, Flounder & Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Join Rapunzel and her unlikely companions, Flynn, and Maximus from Tangled as they take adventure to new lengths! Be bedazzled by Snow White and her seven most trusted friends. And, celebrate the courage and inner beauty of Cinderella. Journey to the jungle heat of Africa as Disney’s The Lion King comes to life on ice with majestic sets and thrilling special effects. Plus, the toys are back in town with memorable moments from all of your favorite Toy Story movies.

Act 2
Bundle up and enjoy the dazzling winter wonderland and enchanting world of Arendelle as
Frozen, Disney’s newest comedy-adventure takes to the ice. Be amazed as Anna teams up with mountain man Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and the hysterically funny snowman Olaf on an epic journey to find Anna's sister Elsa, The Snow Queen, and, through the power of sisterly love, puts an end to her icy spell and frees Arendelle from eternal winter.

From loveable toys to your favorite Disney Princesses to glorious ice palaces, your family's favorite
Disney/Pixar moments come to life at Disney On Ice with dazzling skating, special effects and beloved characters certain to create a lifetime of memories."
(Copyright Disney and Feld Entertainment)

The survey then went on to ask questions specifically about the characters Anna, Elsa, Sven, Olaf and Kristoff (who were all mentioned in the above text), which leads us to believe that they will all soon be seen as characters in Disney On Ice shows! We are really excited about the prospects of them leaving Arendelle to make their public debut, and look forward to seeing them!

Ok that's everything for this evening, but if you want to catch up on all the news from earlier this week and last week, I have posted the links below.

Have a great weekends everyone,


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