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Character News and Updates From Around the Web - DLP Christmas details leak including Duffy, and WDW Halloween details emerge too!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, August 31, 2011 10:14:42 AM

Hi all,

Today I learned that Disneyland Paris are due to be releasing their press statement regarding Christmas season very imminently. I had a sneak peak at it from a contact, and providing the information I saw does not change, then Duffy will be making his début at the park for the first time to the general public.

Previously I had said that there was going to be a new show at the Hub Stage starring Aurora, and this seems to be confirmed, and will be titled something to the effect of Princess Aurora's Christmas Wish.

Santa Claus is returning to the Roundup Village, Santa Goofy will return also, and Mickey's Winter Wonderland will once again grace the Chaparral Theatre stage. Santa and his elves will also be in the parade again. No doubt he will also be joined by the Toy Soldiers, as he always is.

FantIllusion is coming back, although if the on-going rumours are true, it could well be it's last season.

Belle's Christmas Village is returning also, and so expect to find Belle and Prince Adam meeting daily there.

"it's a small world" will receive it's seasonal overlay this year again too.

Finally the Tree Lighting is also set to return, although it may or may not be different to last year. We'll have to wait on that one! Interestingly enough there was no mention of the Castle being illuminated. This isn't to say it won't have the lights this year, but so far nothing has been mentioned.

It sounds as though Christmas this year will basically the same as previous years, with the notable addition of the Princess Aurora hub show. We look forward to seeing it all in person, in December!

Jumping over to the Magic Kingdom now, and coming forward in time to Halloween, which starts in the MK in just two weeks, and we have some details about which characters can be expected at MNSSHP this year.

Jon posted this list to the forum, and it makes for interesting reading. There aren't really any amazing new characters and remains much the same as previous years, but there just a few cool additions including Gaston and Duffy! Some characters have moved locations too since the work in Fantasyland has caused areas to close. We have heard since this list that Hades will not be appearing. All other information as far as we know is correct, but as always is subject to change (as is the DLP stuff above).

Finally, in preparation for his Halloween début this year, Gaston was out near France at Epcot a couple of days ago.

Ok, that's all for now. If I hear more I shall let you all know!


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