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A Year with Minnie Mouse at Walt Disney World
DisneyDan  Wednesday, August 5, 2015 11:17:45 AM
Hello everyone,

Throughout the years at Walt Disney World, Minnie Mouse has appeared in hundreds of costumes, making her wardrobe one of the most diverse in the world! From shows, to parades, and character greetings, Minnie has an outfit for every occasion! I thought it would be fun to take a look at the outfits you can meet Minnie in throughout the year at Walt Disney World.

The costumes below are based on our most recent experiences at Walt Disney World, however, as always, schedules, events and greetings are subject to change and cancellation by Walt Disney World, without prior notice.

Let's start with Minnie's regular locations around the four Walt Disney World theme parks.

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Character Couture - Minnie Mouse
DisneyDan  Sunday, July 27, 2014 8:51:04 AM
Hello everyone,

I've decided to start a new mini-series here on the blog, focussing on character wardrobes from the Disney Parks and Resorts around the world.

The Disney Characters are the best dressed celebrities in the world, with an outfit for literally any occasion! Today I wanted to share with you some of the adorable Minnie Mouse's collection.

Let's start with California, where she greets guests in her stylish Minnie's Fly Girls Airlines uniform.

Disneyland July 2012 - Meeting Minnie Mouse

In Florida she becomes Minnie Magique in her pink circus outfit for Pete's Silly Sideshow at the Magic Kingdom.

Character fun at Pete's Silly Sideshow

At Disneyland Paris during their wonderful Spring into Spring season you can see Minnie daily in their fabulous Spring Promenade, wearing a gorgeous spring dress.

Disney's Spring Promenade

Hong Kong Disneyland is home to the Golden Mickey's award ceremony, where Minnie always arrives dressed for the star studded occasion!

The Golden Mickeys

Tokyo DisneySea's Lost River Delta is home to a mysterious and magical excavation site, and of course Minnie is there discovering its hidden treasures!

Meeting Minnie Mouse

When you sail aboard Disney Cruise Line, be sure to check your itinerary with the ocean's most glamourous cruise director, Minnie Mouse!

Meeting Minnie Mouse

Which one is your favourite?

Happy 85th Birthday Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
DisneyDan  Monday, November 18, 2013 10:53:28 AM
Hello everyone,

Today is the 85th birthday of the two most famous mice in the world, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

On 18th November 1928, Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie debuted to the public, and stars were born.

Without Mickey and Minnie, we wouldn't have the Disney company that we have today. For that we are eternally grateful to Walt Disney, and of course Mickey and Minnie, and look forward to many more decades of fun and laughter with them.

Happy 85th Birthday Mickey and Minnie!

In our usual style, here's a photo cavalcade of some of the magical adventures we've had with Mickey and Minnie at the Disney Parks and Resorts over the years.

Everyday is a Holiday special event

20th Anniversary Celebration Train fun

Mickey's Winter Wonderland

Mickey's Halloween Celebration

Walt Disney World Disney Dreamers Everywhere Opening Ceremony

Lido Isle Welcome to Spring

A Halloween Magical Moment

Disney Dreamers Everywhere Gala Dinner Show and Grand Finale

Step into a Storybook event

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

May the Force Be With You event

Meeting Mickey and Minnie

Walt Disney World Disney Dreamers Everywhere Opening Ceremony

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Meeting Halloween Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse dress up for Easter

News and Rumours from Around the World: Halloween and Christmas Seasons around the World, Pirates Week, WDW's New Parade and more!
DisneyDan  Friday, September 27, 2013 1:12:21 PM
Hello everyone,

Once again I have to apologise for the long gap between updates here on the blog. Unfortunately we have just been incredibly busy with real life.

Anyway, there are some important new news pieces from around the world that I want to discuss this evening. We'll start with Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland Paris has been announcing a lot of new things recently for the upcoming Halloween and Christmas Seasons, which has been well received by the fans.

This Halloween Season there will be a brand new cavalcade (which we already knew), and it has now been officially confirmed that Clarabelle Cow will be part of that. This is the first time Clarabelle has ever been to Disneyland Paris in its 21 years!
Huey, Dewey and Louie along with Scrooge McDuck were previously confirmed, and are still expected to appear in the cavalcade. Also making a welcome return to the park, albeit just for the cavalcade, are the Pumpkin Men! DLP fans will know that the Pumpkin Men (and women too) were a long-time staple of Halloween Season at DLP, often running around Main Street and Frontierland scaring guests half to death! They were a lot of fun!
Minnie Mouse will be greeting at her new dedicated Halloween location at Casey's Corner on Main Street. Various fan sites have already posted pictures of that. Her outfit is yet to be seen, although artwork suggests it will be brand new.
Bon Bon Goofy will return to Town Square, following his debut last year (it was a new outfit and new backdrop for him), as will the Villains in Fantasyland. It was suggested that one of the many Halloween themed bands that usually play throughout the park during the season will accompany the Villains this year, which would be a neat touch, to have Villainous music playing while meeting them!
Duffy the Disney Bear is also to appear on Main Street in a Halloween outfit, for the first time in Paris. It is not yet confirmed what outfit he will greet guests in, but is expected to be similar to the US pumpkin version.
Jack and Sally return to Thunder Mesa (outside Phantom Manor). Their location setup will be much the same, but with some new decorations that detail The Nightmare before Christmas more.
The Halloween Soiree (Halloween Party on the 31st October) is also set to see some more new entertainment offerings. I did hear that Maleficent and Hook would be given their own shows. Maleficent is said to be at the Castle Stage, and Hook on his ship in Adventureland. All other details, including set up etc is not yet confirmed. If and when I can find out more, I will definitely post it here. Last years Soiree saw some awesome new entertainment, which injected some much needed life into the event, after a couple years of wavering. Whether any of last years shows will return is yet to be confirmed.
It was also confirmed - in a round-about way - by a DLP official that ShellieMay would appear at the Soiree! I think his exact words were to the effect of "a good friend of Duffy is also going to make an appearance". Unless he was talking about Mickey Mouse, I think we can safely assume he meant ShellieMay! This will be the first time ever that ShellieMay has greeted regular park guests outside of Tokyo Disney Resort!
Outside of the parks, at Disney Village, Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show will see the return of the Halloween version. Dates and times are yet to be confirmed, I believe.

For Christmas Disneyland Paris have confirmed that the popular Christmas Cavalcade from last year will return, and will be expanded upon, including the addition of the Gingerbread Men, from the US parks! Certainly a much welcomed addition!
Other new offerings include an updated Tree Lighting Ceremony in Town Square, narrated by Jiminy Cricket, and a special winter enchantment at Sleeping Beauty Castle using Disney's new movie, Frozen, and the Disney Dreams technology.
Jack and Sally will return to Frontierland, and for the first time in Paris, and an all but one rare appearance some years ago at Disneyland in California, Jack will be in his Sandy Claws outfit! How awesome! I am really excited to see how he looks in that.
I was also pleased to hear that the Jingle Bell Boys will return to the Videopolis in Discoveryland, where they will rock out some Christmas tunes accompanied by Mickey Mouse, who last year dazzled guests with his Big Band Beat style dance moves! (Tokyo fans will know what I mean by Big Band Beat.)
The other big news for the season is that the Parade will debut characters from Disney's Frozen on the former Romance 1 float! Featuring in the daily parade, they will glide through Parc Disneyland on a magical Frozen themed float!
I don't think it has yet been confirmed whether they will remain after Christmas Season, but seeing as this is an addition to the main parade, I would imagine they will, which would be great!

Finally for DLP, today Joe Schott (DLP Chief Operating Officer) said that the Tarzan Encounter would return to the park at some point, although they do not know when yet.
Although I know many fans will think this is "cheap" move, since the show is rather old now, it is undeniably popular, and will be a welcome re-addition to a park that has seen a bit of a lack in entertainment of late. It's definitely better than nothing!

There have been many websites and fan pages posting about the new Christmas and Halloween offerings, so I haven't linked to any one in particular as I normally would do. If you want to find out more, just do a search online or check out some dedicated DLP Facebook pages.

Over in the US, and Halloween Season is well under way. Neither Resort seems to have changed much again this year, with the one exception that both have replaced one of their Halloween Party dance parties with a Monsters Inc themed one. Magic Kingdom's MNSSHP now also have Jack and Sally greeting in Town Square.
Other than that, I don't think much else has altered. If you know any different, the please let me know!

This week at the US parks is Pirate Week for Limited Time Magic.
At Disneyland you can meet Jack Sparrow on Tom Sawyer Island, and at the Magic Kingdom Hook, Jake and Pirate Goofy have been out and about.

Over at Disney's Hollywood Studios, rather suddenly, Minnie Mouse was given a brand new greeting location inside the Animation building. While we usually like these things (and indeed the location looks neat), she now wears her regular polkadot outfit (with some "sparkle", I was told). This is actually a step back, since she had been greeting around the Big Hat in her special pink DHS outfit.

Finally, yesterday the Disney Parks Blog revealed two more concept art images for the brand new Festival of Fantasy Parade coming to the Magic Kingdom in spring 2014. Ariel and Merida's float look pretty cool, and are a world apart from the now ancient Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, which I know fans will be glad to see the back of!

Ok, I think that is everything for today. Have a great weekend everyone,

Advent Calendar - Christmas Eve!
disneydan  Monday, December 24, 2012 7:29:13 AM
It's Christmas Eve! That means it is time to open the second to last door of our magical Character Central Advent Calendar!

Here we go!...

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Advent Calendar - 22nd December!
DisneyDan  Saturday, December 22, 2012 8:04:09 AM
Today is the 22nd of December, so it is time to open the next door of our special Character Central Advent Calendar!

Ok, here we go!...

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Advent Calendar - 11th December!
DisneyDan  Tuesday, December 11, 2012 12:31:39 PM
Today is the eleventh of December, so it is time to open the next door of our very special Character Central Advent Calendar!

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Advent Calendar - 6th December!
DisneyDan  Thursday, December 6, 2012 12:37:52 PM
Today is the 6th of December, which means it is time to open the sixth magical door of our Character Central Advent Calendar!

Here we go!...

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Happy 84th Birthday Mickey and Minnie Mouse!
DisneyDan  Sunday, November 18, 2012 9:40:24 AM
Today is the 84th birthday of the two most famous mice in the world, Mickey and Minnie.
Mickey was born from the imagination of a man who had a dream of making it big, and a dream of providing endless joy to people across the world.
Through Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney has given the world an icon for laughter, fun and the ideal of having a dream to better yourself and other people.
Walt Disney's beloved Mickey Mouse to this day continues to provide entertainment to millions across the globe, through new mediums such as live shows, the Disney Parks and brand new state of the art video games.
Although Plane Crazy was technically the first cartoon to feature Mickey and Minnie, it is Steamboat Willie's debut that is recognised as being Mickey and Minnie's official birthday.

Mickey Mouse is not just a star, he is THE star in the glittering Disney sky, and although Minnie isn’t technically a princess, she has played the roll on a number of occasions, and in the words of Mickey, she’ll always be a princess to us.

A VERY Happy Birthday Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

Join us now for a very special photo cavalcade of Mickey and Minnie at the Disney Parks around the world!

Meeting Steamboat Willie Mickey

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Pirate Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Over the Waves

Meeting Princess Minnie and Prince Mickey

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Meeting Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie Mouse

Disney's All Star Basketball Game

Chef Mickey and Minnie

Exploring Walt Disney Studios Store
Character Central Advent Calendar - 9th December
DisneyDan  Friday, December 9, 2011 11:48:58 AM

Today is the 9th of December, and so it is time to open the ninth door on our Character Central Advent Calendar!

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