Disneyland Paris

In the 1980's a European Resort was considered by the board and Imagineers of Walt Disney Imagineering. They wanted to open a park that took a leaf out of the book of the three resorts that proceeded it. Building on the key things learned from the three other Magic Kingdoms, and making them bigger, better and even more magical. They chose the countryside east of Paris, and construction began in 1989. On April 12th 1992, Euro Disney opened to a mixed reaction. Sparing no expense, the park was more detailed and more beautiful than any that had gone before it. The Resort struggled for a number of years to pay off the debt incurred by the no expense spared approach, but after nearly 20 years at the top of Europe's tourist destination list, the now-named Disneyland Paris is an ever changing, ever expanding resort that has grown with into it's own identity, while remaining as beautiful and detailed as the day it opened.

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Meeting Disney Characters at Disneyland Paris

Due to the current pandemic, regular character greetings are suspended, and you may find other random pop-up experiences throughout the parks instead.
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