Disney Dreamers Everywhere

Welcome to the dedicated Disney Dreamers Everywhere page here at Character Central, where you can visit to find out the latest updates and information, and links to all the social networking pages that the Disney Dreamers will be using throughout the trip.

About Disney Dreamers Everywhere!

For the first time in Disney history, Disney are holding a series of events at all the Disney Parks around the world for a very special group of guests, who will be called the "Disney Dreamers!"

Disney Dreamers Everywhere will take its guests on a fantastical journey that encompasses the dreams of Disney fans and the beloved Disney Characters alike. Presented throughout by Jiminy Cricket, guests will share experiences and truly wondrous happenings, the likes of which have never been seen before, with the passion and storytelling that only Disney can create, ultimately being rewarded with the title of Disney Dreamers!

These global events have been dreamed up by the magical talents of the Disneyland Paris creative team, and will culminate in a bedazzling five day grand finale at Disneyland Paris, which will feature two days of events, topped off with the most extravagant Disney musical ever produced for the Disney Parks!

Latest News (reverse chronological)

21st July 2013 - Index to all DDE pages at Character Central

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  • Asian Breakfast
  • Special Character Greetings
  • Main Street Station Cocktail Party
  • Everyday is a Holiday Event
  • Closing Ceremony and Mystic Point Preview
  • Welcome to Tokyo Disney Resort event
  • 30th Anniversary Dinner
  • Lost River Delta Dinner
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Welcome to Disneyland Resort event
  • Closing Ceremony
  • Welcome to Walt Disney World event
  • Step into a Storybook
  • May the Force Be With You
  • On the Wild Side
  • Closing Ceremony
  • welcome
  • marie
  • aladdin
  • dreams of fantasy
  • adventure
  • discovery
  • frontier
  • duffy
  • roger rabbit
  • glory
  • fame
  • gala
  • farewell

    27th April 2013 - The Official Song has now launched!

    We are proud to announce the launch of the official theme song for the Disney Dreamers! The video is available on the Disney Dreamers Everywhere YouTube page now! (It's embedded below. Some of you may have to refresh depending on your browser)

    25th April 2013 - Important Information

    We have had a lot of questions since the launch, about invites and how people were chosen for this trip. As we have already stated on the social networks, and indeed in the description above, these events are for selected invitees only. The people were chosen and invited privately, after a lot of careful consideration. Chosen for their true passion and dedication for Disney, these people are ambassadors representing dreams and Dreamers everywhere who share the same level of enthusiasm.
    The events will be closed events, and not publicly viewable, but the Dreamers group will have access to the social network sites listed below, through the dedicated Dreamers pages, where everyone at home can follow their amazing journey.
    Thank you for all your support and questions.

    The Dream Destinations

    Let's take a look at what is in store at each location on the tour!
    Each destination has an official mascot, chosen carefully by Jiminy Cricket to represent the dreams and ideals of that place, where everyone will learn how to be a Disney Dreamer, and that "if you can dream it, you can do it!"

    Hong Kong Disneyland

    Goofy will welcome guests to Hong Kong Disneyland, where they will spend three days immersed in the beautifully exotic Asian park.

    Tokyo Disney Resort

    At Tokyo Disney Resort, guests will spend four days exploring the wonders of Tokyo Disneyland and the stunning Tokyo DisneySea. Daisy Duck is representing the dreams held here.

    Disneyland Resort

    Donald Duck will welcome guests to Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, for three days of classic fun at the Happiest Place on Earth!

    Walt Disney World

    Then it's off across the country to Walt Disney World for a week, where Pluto champions the dreams being imagined in Florida.

    Disneyland Paris

    Finally, after all that dreaming, the group will arrive in Disneyland Paris, where Mickey and all his friends will join everyone for the most spectacular dream of them all! Having experienced the dreams and magic of all the other Disney Parks, the guests will graduate in a spectacular finale, proving that "if you can dream it, you can do it!"

    Following the action at home

    Character Central and some of our friends are extremely honoured and fortunate enough to be travelling with other Disney fans from around the world on this once in a lifetime tour, and of course want to bring the magic to you, at home. Throughout the month of May we will be posting live from the parks and events through specially created Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, dedicated to the Disney Dreamers Everywhere. All of our group will be posting into these social networks, so you'll be treated to the multifaceted experience through not just one persons eyes, but through all of our eyes - all directly through the single, dedicated accounts that are being set up! This means you'll never miss a moment of the action! You should also check the Character Central Blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages regularly for information, photos and more, as we'll be updating all of those too!

    Happy Dreaming Everyone!

    Character Central are in no way involved in the organisation or planning of this event. This information page is provided by Character Central for no other purpose except to share the magic of this event, and is not contractually or legally binding. Character Central are travelling as guests, courtesy of a private group.