Disneyland Resort Paris September 2007




Disneyland Paris


Monday, September 10, 2007 to Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Dan, Ben and Mum

Staying at Disney's Hotel Cheyenne for 2 nights.

Day 1:

We set out early to catch the Eurostar from Ashford International, arriving in plenty of time. On arrival at Ashford, the first thing I noticed since my last trip was that they had put up new Disneyland posters and signs celebrating the 15th anniversary.

The lift is actually quite groovy because the lift shaft is made to look like the castle and the doors open in place of the portcullis, revealing a Disneyland themed lift inside!

At the station they gave children fun packs which I thought was nice (I was tempted to go get one but didn’t haha)

The Eurostar left on time as ever and we were whisked away to the magic.

Onboard were Disney Cast Members as usual.

We arrived just under 2 hours later at Marne le Vallee in the heart of the magic.

We headed out the station and decided to walk to the Hotel Cheyenne through Disney Village, but not before making a lunch stop at McDonald’s first.

Disney Village is looking better these days I have to say. The new coloured balloon lamps and the redesign of the fronts of the Disney Store(s) along the left hand side make the place a bit more colourful and warmer than it used to be.

We eventually arrived at the Cheyenne – first impressions were that it was a bit out the way and also a bit bland looking. But we made our way to reception.

Upon arrival at reception we found an enormous queue! We waited for what seemed like an eternity (I was dying to get to the parks!) to check in, but all the desks were open and the Cast were trying to make it more comfortable. The y made balloon animals for the kids, went through the line saying hi to everyone and reminding us that to make the line seem shorter only one family member need to wait while the others take a seat (which was right really as some families had 4 or 5 people and they were just congesting the lobby).

Overall the themeing of the Cheyenne is good. Once inside the lobby, the bar or the restaurant you get a real feel for the Wild West (albeit Disney style lol). From the outside they could do more, but as Mum pointed out, it actually DID look like an old fashioned Wild West town… lol I guess I was just expecting it to look more Disney-esq!

Finally I checked us in, collected our room keys, Resort ID and EMH info, and we headed to our room. To my disappointment though we were told that the Breakfast in the Park was fully booked for both mornings we were there. That wasn’t too much of a problem, but I would still have liked to have had it.

For those of you interested, or if you want to check out our building next time you are there (lol) we were in the building to the immediate left as you exit into the Corral square – Wild Bill Hickok building, ground floor, room number 2030.

The room was cosy and neat. It was well kept and clean. We had one double bed and a bunk bed. The décor was ok, if a bit dated. Our window looked directly across to the back of the breakfast / dinner restaurant, the Chuck Wagon Café.

After refreshing ourselves and a quick unpack of essentials we made our way to the bus stop to get to the parks. I would say that it is certainly worth getting the bus to and from the hotel as you forget how far the hotel really is – especially after a long day in the parks! The busses are large and clean and run every 10 minutes or so (the sign says 12 mins, but it was usually quicker).

Our first park was Walt Disney Studios. We headed over and I immediately went to check out the queue for Crush’s Coaster, as I hadn’t rode it yet.

The line was 30 mins, which I thought was ok for a ride that was new. I was prepared to wait but family wasn’t. So they waited outside ready to see me whiz past as the ride vehicles do the outside bit, and I lined up.

I have to say the waiting line isn’t much fun. The outside bit of the line (it is undercover, but is outside) is pretty dull. A few trees and plants. A bit of music and a painted whale on the wall. As you move inside it’s still not that great to be honest. The line doesn’t have it’s own themed structure, it basically just opens out into the loading area, and apart from a short section on a landing upstairs, you have full view of the loading area all the time. No lovely details. No videos playing overhead. Just a metal rail with a view of the load area lol. The actual load area is ok. It has a harbour theme, complete with the seagulls saying “mine” on top of the little office bit Cast Control Room (disguised as a shed of some sort).

The ride itself is very short, but quite a lot of fun. Initially it sets off up a slope and drops right out into the sunshine (or rain I guess if it’s raining lol – I wonder if they close the ride if that happens?) where you have a brief moment to wave to those watching, then it comes back inside where you are greeted by Nemo and Squirt (if I remember correctly) inside the coral reef which is quite nicely done, then you set off on your adventure. You go through a dark room where the fish with the light on its head waits menacingly as you go past. Then you enter the jellyfish area, followed by a slope upwards through the sunken shark submarine where Bruce waits to get you before your ride car rushes out into the EAC! The main part of the ride then follows. It is more or less completely dark, except for a few flashing lights that give the effect of the EAC. There are drops and turns and mild spinning. Then it’s back to the same loading bay where you exit through one door directly back into the park. No shop. No nice long airport terminal style exit area like IASW or Star Tours… lol.

Worth the half hour wait because it was new and I hadn’t rode it. Not worth it if the line was still half hour or more in a years time lol.

Then it was onto the new Cars Race Rally. There was virtually no line for this. To be honest I think that Disney could have done better. As whimsical and fun as this attraction maybe, it’s just daft! It’s a short ride. You don’t actually go anywhere or see anything and it’s like revamped Teacups with less speed!

Following that we went to Studio Tram Tour, followed by Armageddon.

Mum mentioned that she still doesn’t like the Studio’s much even after her own 3 visits in 5 years. To be frank, I was looking forward to the new changes at WDS and hoped it would bring the park up a bit… I don’t think it does that at all. The park was still dead as a doornail except for Crush, and the place still looks like its unfinished – but that’s MY opinion lol.

We had a drink in Disney Studio 1’s Restaurant en Coulisse, and then headed to Disneyland Park…

So we arrived at DLP and I collected our EMH wrist bands from the people at the entrance, just before the Train Station (you have to show your AP or Resort ID) then we were on our way.

EMH kicked in at 7pm when were in the park, so after that a lot of things closed down and those that did stay open required you to show your wristband.

We managed to ride the following during our time in Disneyland Park on our first day, and were lucky because EMH gave us those precious 2 hours extra:

Big Thunder Mountain

Liberty Arcade

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast


Pirates of the Caribbean

We also ate in the Plaza Gardens Buffet restaurant. Having never eaten in there before it was quite nice. The décor was great, the staff friendly and the food good. I got my free aperitif (Dream AP) and we were refuelled ready to go!

On closing we made our way back to the hotel wearily after a long day of travelling and Disney attractions!

Day 2:

So day 2 advanced upon us quicker than I would have liked and it was to the breakfast room for Wild West Continental Show Down Cheyenne style! Lol. Ok so the breakfast was crowded. Tables were not cleaned quickly enough – many people, including those with young families, found themselves clearing their own tables just so they could eat. The room is huge too. Luckily we found the door that exited directly out opposite the door we had to go in for our room! It was literally a minute away! The breakfast itself was fine. Cereal, rolls – the usual fare.

We left the chaos of the breakfast behind to head off to the parks.

We first headed briefly into the Studios as Mum wanted to buy something she saw the previous day. Me and my brother went to check the line for Crush – 45 mins and the park had only been open 20 mins! Ouch! So we went back to meet Mum, who bought her item, not before having to wait around for a Lead to come along and cancel the transaction as the CM hadn’t understood I wanted to deliver to out hotel, not charge to my room…

After that it was off to DLP!

We managed to get on / see the following attractions today:

Phantom Manor

Big Thunder Mountain

Disneyland Railroad

Main Street Vehicles (Paddy Wagon)

Discovery Arcade

Videopolis – Lion King show


Sleeping Beauty Castle

Snow White

Peter Pan’s Flight

Alice’s Curious Labyrinth

Mad hatter’s Tea Cups

Storybook Land Canal Boats

“it’s a small world”

We also managed to see the new Once Upon a Dream Parade, Candleabration and the Character Express.

The new parade was pretty cool. I love the parades anyway and this one did not disappoint! Plenty of characters, lots of nice music, and even smells! Yes the parade floats now have smells emanating from them!

The Disney Character Express was ok. Nothing special. I was a bit disappointed to be honest by this. It just appeared from Town Square to a fanfare of music and went up MS USA stopping at the Castle. Of course by the time it got there a million people had been chasing along and were ready to pounce on the poor characters the second the stepped off the train.

Candleabration was presented at 7pm (park closing) but due to it still being daylight, the full effect couldn’t be fully appreciated. Again, the music was good, the characters looked good in their new outfits and the ceremony itself kind’a special, but the dramatic “this is going to the most magical moment ever” bit was lost to the daylight as the candles lit up.

At lunch time we decided to eat in McDonald’s again and go back to the hotel to refresh – and to make a planned stop along the way. We walked back through Disney Village via the Sequoia Lodge and made a reservation for the Beaver Creek at 8.15pm that evening.

As we made our way through the lobby we spotted Tigger and Mickey at the Meet n’ Greet location. We went over and discovered they were doing some sort of mini cake-candle blowing ceremony with some kids! The three of us were invited to join in (lol!) and we stood there and blew out the fake candles on the fake cake with a bunch or 7 year olds haha! Priceless lol. The CM then opened up said cake and threw sweets into the air as though a piñata had just exploded and we had our picture taken with Mickey and Tigger. Priceless memory lol.

So after a hard day in the park, we later returned to the Sequoia Lodge for our dinner. Again I received my free AP drink and we ate.  Unfortunately Mum and Bro didn’t like their steak much so we told the waiter and we got free coffees after our meal too! Result! Lol.

We then went upstairs and looked in the Northwest Passage shop and sat in the bar area – and who should come along but Pluto! He came and sat next to us briefly then went off being chased by a million kids! Lol.

So back to the Cheyenne for our last night, and towards the morning – where we had another Free For All Breakfast Scramble at the buffet lol!!

Day 3:

So we awoke for our final day of magic. We checked our luggage at the luggage drop and again we ate in the buffet before we set off for the parks.

Our last day we spent the morning in DLP then headed over to WDS for one last time before we grabbed some lunch in Disney Village and went and got our cases for home.

Goofy also paid a visit to the hotel that morning but the lines were long so we bypassed him lol, as cool as he looked in his cowboy costume! On the previous morning Pluto had been present.

We managed to cover the following attractions today:

Legends of the Wild West

Swiss Family Tree House

Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage

Adventure Isle

Pirates of the Caribbean

Discovery Arcade

Star Tours

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Lancelot’s Carrousel

Casey Jr. Circus Train

And at WDS Flying Carpets over Agrabah, then I went on Crush’s Coaster again.

We had once last drink in Restaurant en Coulisse then it was off to lunch and luggage!

As we arrived in DLP that morning the DLP band were playing just after the turnstiles before you enter the tunnels under MS Station which added an extra touch of magic too.

Our Eurostar arrived and left on time and we were back home before we knew it.

We did have a good trip. The weather was ok. Not overly warm, but the sun was shining nonetheless. The crowds were down too which was good.


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