Disneyland Resort Paris December 2003




Disneyland Paris


Tuesday, December 30, 2003 to Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Dan and Amy

Please note that this more a photo blog for the day, rather than a trip report, as back then I didn't write trip reports!

 - Dan, July 2010.

Travelling Party: Me and my best friend Amy

Duration: Was just a day trip

Cinders and Prince

Below - SNOW!!! Woo lol - albeit Disney snow ... 
Just how do they do it??... lol

 Falling Snow

 Father Xmas

Notice I am faithfully wearing my Christmas hat with Mickey ears on it! lol 

(given away free to Disney CM's that year - kool huh?)

 Town Sq Xmas

Toy Soldiers in the Christmas Parade!

 Toy Soldiers

 Xmas Tree


 Mickey Mouse

The Christmas Parade

 Chip and Dale

More snow fall on Main Street USA

 Main St Xmas

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Pictures of Disneyland Resort Paris December 2003