Disneyland Paris July 2009 Trip Report




Disneyland Paris


Saturday, July 25, 2009 to Saturday, July 25, 2009


Dan and Amy.

On the 25th July Amy and I went to the most magical place in Europe for the day - Disneyland Paris.

I was VERY excited about this trip as there was a lot that was new for the summer that I hadn’t seen.

This year is “Mickey’s Magical Party”. This means new decorations, new promotions, new shows, and other cool stuff.

We arrived bright and early - earlier than I had anticipated, which was awesome.

We managed to catch the new Good Morning Main Street, much to my delight!

This is a cute little performance that starts in Town Square and makes it’s way to Central Plaza. The characters then do a dance routine, then stop for meets for a few moments.

Amy and I managed to meet Scrooge, Hook and Smee from this. There were lots of other characters too, including Minnie, Chip, Dale, Goofy, Pluto, baloo, Timon, Queen of Hearts, and more.

They arrive aboard the MS Vehicles, and some of the music includes “walking Right Down the Middle” and “Dancing’ a Catchy Rhythm” (again, much to my delight).

After this we waited around for the first Character Express of the day, which is now Minnie’s Party Train.

The characters were pretty much the same as Good Morning MS, so we just took pictures.

Then we hit the attractions! We went on Phantom Manor, the Keel Boats - which I had never been on, so I was VERY happy again! - Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage and Pirates of the Caribbean.

We then went and saw the new Goofy’s Summer Camp show that was over in frontier land just for the summer season. This was a cute show, and made for some cool pictures.

Involved a lot of country singing, dancing and all round goofy fun!

As we were heading back through Frontierland after the show we came across some random characters outside the Cowboy Cookout BBQ, and we managed to meet the Sheriff of Nottingham.

We decided to eat at Pizza Planet. Amy had the spaghetti Bolognese pizza, and I had the pizza burger.

We then saw the next character express, and met Gideon, who was aboard.

After this, we had decided to wait and meet the Princesses at the castle, but as we were waiting in line, I happened to notice that a bunch of characters had come out up by “it’s a small world” - I spotted Maleficent, and we immediately abandoned the Princesses and ran over to her!

After that we went up to Pirates of the Caribbean to meet Jack Sparrow, who was late, but eventually arrived to a mass mob. But we met him, and Amy was ecstatic!

We wandered round to the bazaar area of Adventureland and Aladdin was there, so we met him too!

Next it was time for the new Stitch dance party show over in Discoveryland. We got a great spot for that and watched it all the way through. I have to say it was ok, not amazing, but ok. Makes for a cute entertainment piece. I love Stitch of course, so I was happy to see him in his cute DJ outfit and to take pictures!

After this finished we were walking back towards the hub to see the new castle show, and I happened to spot some characters outside the Hyperion. It was none other than Goofy, Minnie, Chip and Dale in really cool Discoveryland outfits! I was VERY excited (again!) and we managed to meet Goofy and Minnie before they had to leave. But I had a plan…

So we headed over to the hub, and very luckily managed to get an FAB spot right in the front of the main stage area! Again, it’s cool show, nothing amazing, but worth seeing at least once or twice.

I managed to get some very cool pictures from our good vantage point.

So the show finished and I had thought that maybe the characters in Discoveryland would be back after the show. So we headed over there, and low and behold as we arrived, out they came again! So we also managed to meet Discoveryland Chip and Dale too!

It was nearly time to leave, but we went for a last wander round, and whilst in Fantasyland we came across Peter and Wendy, so we got photos with them too.

Overall we had an amazing day. The weather was awesome, the timings worked out great. We saw all the new shows and events, and met some very cool characters!

I would say that despite the criticism, I liked the Mickey’s Magical Party stuff, but will be glad when some normality is restored back to our beloved home resort here in Europe.

Dan x 

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