Walt Disney World Resort April 2009




Walt Disney World


Saturday, April 11, 2009 to Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Dan and Jon.

Stayed at Disney’s Pop Century Resort

So first off, I have to say that this report is massively late! But I always strive to write a report, and so rather than break with tradition, here it is!

Jon and I went on our fourth trip to WDW together on the Easter weekend this year, for four days.

We managed to visit 3 of the 4 parks and Downtown Disney.

The weather overall was ok, but the last day rained so much that at one point we had a tornado and we huddled under Scuttle’s Landing in Fantasyland with about 100 other people wondering if we would ever be able to get to the front of the park to get home!

But we did do a lot of new cool things this trip, as always.

So, new characters for this trip included more of the Main Street Citizens, the Easter Bunnies, the Snow Prince and some new outfits for old favourites (such as Dream Along Mickey and Minnie and Ariel as a Mermaid - I had only ever seen her in human form).

We also saw some of the new stuff for the What Will You Celebrate? promotion. These included the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! street party, and the first version of the latest adaptation of the Dreams Parade - now entitled Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade. I say first version, as it was quite unpopular due to the fact they removed most of the characters in favour of performers! But since then they have restored it back to a character parade.

We also managed to see the Main Street Trolley parade, meet the Azalea Trail Maids and the Society Dog Ladies (both in for Easter), and of course SpectroMagic.

We caught Wishes too in some interesting locations including over Tomorrowland and Frontierland by the Rivers of America, which actually proved a good move for photographs!

Over at EPCOT we saw this year’s Flower and Garden Festival, and of course took photos of all the cool topiaries.

At Downtown Disney we checked out the new TrenD store, the new Characters in Flight balloon, and the admittedly abysmal “Celebrate” event at former Pleasure Island. We also stopped by the new T-Rex restaurant, which I have to admit is amazing inside!

We also managed to meet the ever elusive Rabbit at the Crystal Palace on Easter Sunday! Much to Jon and mine’s approval!

Overall we had an amazing, if short trip, as always. We managed to meet some new characters, and some old ones in new outfits. Despite the rain we managed to cover a lot of ground in 4 days, and I look forward to our next trip to WDW in December, for Christmas again! 

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