Make a Wish - Peter Pan to the Rescue

Adventureland, Parc Disneyland, Disneyland Paris

Come join Peter Pan and Tinker Bell as they rescue Wendy from the dastardly Captain Hook and his pirates!

The characters were not available to meet after this show.
This was a random one time event, as described by me in the following blog entry (February 2011) - Wandering through Adventureland yesterday a friend of ours appeared and informed us that a special Peter Pan happening would begin imminently. We had no idea why, or where. We hung around the Fantasyland-Adventureland breezeway and soon spotted two random pirates outside Pirates of the Caribbean. We then saw some other CM's with radios, wandering around. Something was going to happen, but what? Suddenly, and luckily as it was hard to see through the crowds, I spotted Smee weaving his way towards the pirate ship. We pursued him and found him, Hook and the two pirates from before taking a captured Wendy to the ship. They went down the steps to the pier area and we grabbed a spot overlooking them. They were roped off, and almost immediately the crowds were crushing into the small area by Skull Rock. They tied Wendy to a post and taunted her for a while, whilst she protested her kidnap and called for Peter Pan to come save her. We waited for what seemed like forever for Peter to arrive, but all the while was entertained by the bumbling pirates. Then the pirates saw Peter from across the water and were shouting at him. From our vantage point we could not see him yet, but I knew he would be coming from behind me. As I turned I not only saw Peter, but Tinker Bell too! Tinker Bell in the daytime? In Disneyland Paris? A very rare sight indeed. Tink stars in FantIllusion during summer and Christmas seasons, and that's it. This must be for something very special. Holding Peter's hand was a small boy with glitter in his hair, accompanied by Tink and some CM's. All became clear. This was (as we found out later too), a Make a Wish moment. There was a cameraman and a photographer also. Peter, Tink and the boy proceeded to defeat Hook and his crew and took some time to take some pictures after with all the characters there. After the photos they all left, and everyone else were left amazed by this neat, random occurrence. Most people will not even know why this happened. Sadly it was for all the wrong reasons though, as Make a Wish is, as I'm sure most if you are aware, a charity for very sick children, to make their dreams come true. Thank you Disney for a touching and fantastic moment, but at the same time something I would gladly have not seen to save a young life. Someday I hope that we never have to deal with tragic premature losses of life, but for now let us embrace every moment and live our dreams. May the little boy find all the adventure in life one could wish for, and all his hopes and dreams come true. Some people wish for fame and money, some wish not to be sick. Most don't have a choice. Given one wish, what would you choose?
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Pictures of Make a Wish - Peter Pan to the Rescue