Cape Cod Cook-Off

American Waterfront, Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disney Resort

Good all-American food, such as burgers and fries in a colonial setting (complete with a volcano as a backdrop...)

About Cape Cod Cook-Off

Cape Cod Cook-Off has two dining options. The first, and immensely more popular option, is to purchase food and sit and watch the My Friend Duffy show, which runs almost continuously. The other option is to dine in the regular part of the restaurant, and actually have a chance of being seated in reasonably good time before your food is cold!
Food must be purchased and collected before being seated in both areas of the restaurant.
In keeping with the Duffy theme, the restaurant nearly always has some sort of Duffy themed cup, plate or other food item, which may change seasonally.


As of May 2013As of May 2013
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