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Very little is known about the magical nanny Mary Poppins, but what we do know is that she is actually a good fairy who comes to the houses of those children who need a bit of structure in their lives. She can sing, fly and transport herself and others to fantastical realms filled with dancing penguins and carousels. Everybody knows Mary Poppins, and everybody loves her. Filled with wit and charm, and a good heart, Mary Poppins is practically perfect in every way.

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Mary Poppins

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Meeting Mary Poppins

In Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Mary Poppins can be nearly always be met in Liberty Square, or in the United Kingdom at EPCOT.
At Disneyland Mary can normally be found on Main Street, including at Refreshment Corner.
In Disneyland Paris, Mary can be regularly be met either in Town Square or in Fantasyland. She also makes appearances in Production Courtyard at the Walt Disney Studios.
At Tokyo Disneyland she appears in Fantasyland often.
She does not currently meet in HKDL or on DCL.
Where have you met Mary PoppinsX
Walt Disney World
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Paris
Tokyo Disney Resort
Hong Kong Disneyland
Shanghai Disney Resort
Disney Cruise Line
Rarity Resort You
Out Regularly Walt Disney World  
Out Regularly Disneyland  
Out Often Disneyland Paris  
Out Often Tokyo Disneyland  
Unknown Hong Kong Disneyland  
Unknown Shanghai  
Disney Cruise Line  
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