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Tokyo Disney Resort Halloween 2016 Guide
DisneyDan  Friday, October 7, 2016 7:40:41 PM
Hello everyone,

This year we were fortunate enough to be at the opening of Tokyo Disney Resort's Halloween season, even seeing the brand new Halloween Pop'n LIVE parade a day early, because of a preview.

I thought it would be fun to put together a short guide of the things you can find at the resort this year for Halloween.

Let's start with the main thing - character entertainment.

At Tokyo Disneyland, as I mentioned above, there is a brand new parade titled Halloween Pop'n LIVE. The parade features Mickey and friends, as well as Stitch, Angel, and the Three Little Pigs in a parade that celebrates the pop industry's very colourful music and costume genres!

The Tokyo Disneyland Band are dressed for the season, too, and play a lot of Halloween themed Disney tunes.

At Tokyo DisneySea the The Villains World returned for its second year, with a slightly altered soundtrack for the 15th Anniversary celebrations. This year the show has an additional tag line - "Wishes and Desires". The Villains World features Mickey and his friends pitted against some of Disney's darkest foes in a dazzling water pageant.

Tokyo DisneySea is also hosting a small Halloween show at the front entrance, which features performers (no characters) dressed in styles reminiscent of some of the Disney Villains - they are "loyal servants", apparently!

In Arabian Coast there is the Casbah Magical Treat which features a special dining program in the Casbah Food Court, and a small show featuring Shaban and Asim from the Magic Lamp Theater show. Unfortunately I do not have any photos of the show, just of the sign.

Near Il Postino Stationary some of the Disney Villains come out to greet guests during the day. When we were there we saw The Witch, Gaston, Jafar and several of Maleficent's Goons/Trolls. Foulfellow appears too, but he is a regular character usually anyway, along with the Pinocchio gang that appear there daily. The Goons are a lot of fun and love to play! Over in American Waterfront, Duffy and ShellieMay are dressed to match Mickey and Minnie's costumes from The Villains World. Adorable!

If you didn't already know, themed seasonal merchandise is a big deal in Japan, and this year there are a lot of really cute items. If I tried to post photos of every item on offer then this would be a very long and boring blog post! So, I'll just share a couple of snaps of merchandise before moving on.

Tokyo Disney Resort also loves to feature special seasonal treats across both parks. Below are some photos of some of the items we tried and/or menus of things we found while wandering the parks, as well as some of the Halloween themed popcorn turners at some of the popcorn carts.

Decorations abound across the resort. If I'm honest, compared to our Halloween experience at the resort a couple of years ago, there has been a big cut back on the amount of decorations at the resort, but nonetheless there were some fun displays.

Let's start with Tokyo Disneyland, where World Bazaar this year is primarily focussed on continuing the theme of the new parade. Some other areas of the park get decorations, too - the Danny the Lamb display in Westernland is probably my favourite display this year!

Next is Tokyo DisneySea, which featured decorations related to The Villains World. Sadly there are no Halloween decorations outside of Mediterranean Harbor this year, which seemed a little strange.

The Disney Resort Line monorail gets into the "spirit" of the season, too, with some awesome witch hat hand rail covers, and station displays! (You may recall at Christmas I reported that they had Christmas hats on them!)

The hotels make a more conservative effort usually, with the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel choosing to have a discreet, but fun, ghost on the mirror that is tucked away in the lower lobby, and a few small banners on pillars above the statues in the main lobby.

Haunted Mansion gets a makeover for the season, and becomes Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare. If you have ever experienced California's version, you pretty much get the idea, though there a few differences.

Finally, during the first week of the season and the last week, guests are allowed to dress in full costume during the day at both parks. This is always a very interesting experience! I asked some of these friendly people if I could take their photo, and they agreed. The last picture shows a view across Central Plaza, which becomes almost a convention of cosplayers during the costume weeks!

Have a great day everyone,

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