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Throwback Thursday - Enchanted Adventures Parade
DisneyDan  Thursday, April 23, 2015 9:35:06 AM
Hello everyone,

I thought instead of just posting a photo on social media, I would actually make a more in-depth article for this week's "Throwback Thursday".

Back in 2008, Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom held a series of spring/early summer ticketed special events that closely followed the model of their popular Halloween and Christmas parties.
The Pirate and Princess Party ran from around February until June, on select nights, and featured characters, a parade, fireworks and special merchandise.
The key highlight for us was the Enchanted Adventures Parade. This parade, although mostly just utilised existing parade floats and characters at the park, was put together in such a way that it really felt very unique and special. Some of the characters included the Lost Boys, Captain Hector Barbossa, Mickey and friends wearing special costumes, and even Aladdin and Jasmine riding horseback down the parade route! A new soundtrack was also specially written and produced for the parade, and to date is one of my all-time personal favourite Disney parade soundtracks.

Unfortunately, the parties did not become popular enough for Disney to continue them (apparently, although everyone I know always loved them), and they were sadly discontinued. So, today's Throwback Thursday is a homage to that short lived parade that is missed by many.

Note that we saw this parade several years before Character Central was even conceived, so we didn't have the best cameras; but I'm glad we have the photos we do have, if nothing else just for "memory's sake", as I like to say. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did when writing this piece.

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