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A Tribute to Disney's Animal Kingdom's Camp Minnie-Mickey
DisneyDan  Tuesday, January 7, 2014 3:05:41 PM
Hello everyone,

Yesterday (6th January 2014) saw the final day of operation for Camp Minnie-Mickey at Disney's Animal Kingdom, in Walt Disney World.

Camp Minnie-Mickey was an original land that opened with the park on 22nd April 1998, and was home to several entertainment venues as well as lots of characters.

One of Disney's most popular shows, The Festival of the Lion King, was based in Camp Minnie-Mickey, at the Theater in the Wild, and featured incredible stunts, music and dancing from The Lion King, hosted by Timon.

Festival of the Lion King

DDE May 2013 - Festival of the Lion King

WDW Feb 2012 - Festival of the Lion King

The Greetings Trails offered character meet and greets with all your favourite Disney friends, such as Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Donald. Often the characters would also wander around in the open area in the middle of the land, greetings fans and just generally having fun.

Donald Duck

Meeting Minnie Mouse

Meeting Meeko

Meeting Miss Bunny

Mickey shows Goofy some martial arts!

Meeting Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear


Chip and Dale

Mickey Mouse

Meeting Koda and Kenai

The Good Times Gathering Spot used to be where Pocahontas would introduce some cute little critters to the stage, along with the help of Grandmother Willow. After that show ended, the space was used for additional character greetings.

Pocahontas shares a story

WDW Sept 2008 - Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

WDW Sept 2008 - Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

Other activities included talks by owl handlers, and Gi-Tar Dan, the resident comedic one-man band.

WDW Sept 2008 - Meeting Magoo

Jon and I both have fond memories of Camp Minnie-Mickey, and it will be very much missed. Camp Minnie-Mickey as a nice place to hang out, meet some Disney friends and catch a show or two.

WDW April 2009 - Camp Minnie-Mickey

WDW Sept 2008 - Heading to Camp Minnie-Mickey

The area is now being re-imagined to become Avatar Land, a collaboration between Disney and James Cameron. The Festival of the Lion King will be moved at a later date, and some of the characters can now be found elsewhere in the park (check out my recent news article here for more information), but the park will never be the same without this cute area.

Thanks for the memories Camp Minnie-Mickey, it was definitely a lot of fun!


WDW Feb 2012 - Exploring Camp Minnie-Mickey

WDW Dec 2010 - Heading to Camp Minnie-Mickey

WDW April 2009 - Camp Minnie-Mickey
Happy 120th Birthday Roy O. Disney
DisneyDan  Monday, June 24, 2013 12:55:05 PM
Hello everyone,

Today would have been Roy O. Disney's 120th birthday!
Roy O. Disney was one of Walt's older brothers, and Walt's lifelong business partner.
Roy was responsible for the financial side of things at the Studio, and after Walt's death at the young age of 65, it was Roy who pursued with the Florida Project, and oversaw its grand opening in October 1971. It was even Roy who insisted the name of the new resort be changed from just Disney World to Walt Disney World, in honour of his brother's dream.

It is often said by those "in the know", that if it wasn't for Roy, we wouldn't have the company we have today. He kept Walt and the company in check, and ensured Walt Disney World opened without a single outstanding debt, which was quite remarkable.

The Walt Disney Company today does not forget Roy's amazing efforts, and there are tributes to Roy throughout the Disney Parks.

For this post, below I have shared some of our pictures of Disney's tributes to Roy that we have seen around the world.

Happy Birthday Roy! Thank you for your dedication to, and pursuit of Walt's ultimate dream!

Exploring Walt Disney Studios Store

The Roy O. Disney - Walt Disney World Railroad

Roy and Minnie at World Bazaar

Wandering up Main Street USA

Roy O. Disney's Window

Finally, outside the parks, on the real Hollywood Boulevard, Roy has his very own star.

Checking out the Stars on Hollywood Boulevard


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