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Tokyo Disney Resort December 2015 Trip Report, Part 6 - The Grand Finale!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, February 24, 2016 12:21:07 PM
Hello everyone,

In part one of this report I covered all the Disney Resort Hotels, the Disney Resort Line monorail, Ikspiari and other areas. In part two we explored World Bazaar and Adventureland. In part three we ventured into Westernland, Critter Country, Fantasyland, Toontown and Tomorrowland. In part four, I shared my photos from the Christmas parade, Dreamlights, Nightfall Glow and the fireworks. In part five we looked at Med Harbor, American Waterfront and Port Discovery. In this final part we are going to explore Arabian Coast, Mermaid Lagoon, Lost River Delta, Mysterious Island and Christmas Wishes offerings.

In the last part we left off in Port Discovery. Now we are going to head from Port Discovery, along the back path, to Lost River Delta.

We don't usually ride the two attractions up here, as there are always ridiculously long lines, and we have done them before (not to mention we aren't really fans of Raging Spirits anyway). We did take photos of the Christmas decorations though, and we managed to meet Panchito, Jose and a Jungle Monkey on various days throughout our trip.

From the Lost River Delta we make our way to Arabian Coast. Here we rode Sindbad's Storybook Voyage, which we always do when we visit, and played the games at Abu's Bazaar to get the plushes and the pins. I highly recommend this game to everyone. It's a lot of fun to play, and no one ever loses! Everyone is a winner, and there are up to five pins and two plushes you could win, all of which change seasonally! The best part is that it is super cheap to play (around US$5 per game). I don't have any photos of that from this trip, but you can check out its dedicated page here at Character Central, here.

We also took photos of the Christmas decorations and met Abu and Genie. Genie was wearing an awesome Christmas outfit, which made us really happy!

In Mermaid Lagoon, again, we took photos of the Christmas decorations, and we met Ariel, Donald Duck and Daisy Duck. Ariel was wearing her special Christmas shawl, which was good to see. In all our visits, we had never seen Daisy Duck in Mermaid Lagoon before, so it was nice to meet here there in an outfit we hadn't seen before.

In Mysterious Island we rode both Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. My original opinion of Journey still stands, even after visiting multiple times. The setting, the theming, the build up, design - everything about it in that regard is hands down the best attraction in the world. I will even include in that the majority of the actual attraction itself, but then it lets itself down. Near the end the cars speed up and you think you're going to go on some really wild adventure, but it just ends. Rather abruptly, too, which is a huge disappointment. I don't know if they had bigger ideas and they ran out of space before it was too late to change the plan, but it seems to sudden. The build up is so good, then it just ends. It's really odd.

For Christmas season the harbor had a show multiple times per day, titled A Perfect Christmas. As with all of the seasonal entertainment at Tokyo DisneySea, it looked as though no expense was spared. There were multiple viewing locations around the harbor that had slightly different performances, but all contributed to the overall show. The characters from each area do rotate around though briefly, so at least you can see them all from wherever you're situated. It is worthwhile seeing the show from different angles though, as you have different background views, and different views of what is happening on the lagoon.

At night there was another Christmas show on the harbor, titled Colors of Christmas. This show was a lot smaller production than A Perfect Christmas, but still really, really pretty. Mickey and friends arrive in the harbor to light the Christmas Tree, and of course, it's spectacular.

Finally, we saw the Starbright Christmas fireworks. As I've said before, fireworks in Tokyo Disney Resort leave a lot to be desired, and we simply saw them for the sake of it really while passing through one evening, without making any especial effort to do so.

So we have finally come to the end of my trip report! We had an absolutely incredible trip. Tokyo Disney Resort at Christmas is my absolute favourite park/season combination now having done it. I personally feel as though that for a country that doesn't actually celebrate Christmas, that they offer so much more than the US parks. The decorations, the entertainment, the characters, the merchandise - everything - is simply spectacular.

We are planning on heading back to Tokyo this autumn for the start of Halloween season there. It has been four years since we did Halloween in Tokyo, and so they have a lot of new stuff, which is really exciting.

Have a great week everyone,

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