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Character of the Week - Daisy Duck
DisneyDan  Thursday, November 25, 2010 11:10:27 AM

Daisy Duck is the wisecracking girlfriend of the perpetually harassed Donald Duck.

Polynesian Daisy Duck

Hot tempered and assertive, Daisy has a strong personality.
Since making her debut in 1940 (in ‘Mr Duck Steps Out’), Daisy has covered a wide range of careers.
Daisy’s main job roles have been in the media, working as an anchor in the 1990’s television series ’QuackPack’, where Donald was her cameraman; and as the desk clerk in 'Disney’s House of Mouse' in the 2000’s - where she was always trying to get to work on the stage, instead of behind it.
Daisy loves shopping, and often goes out with her best friend, Minnie Mouse.

Over the Waves

Her favourite colour clothes to wear is usually pink.
She also has three nieces named April, May and June, and she has a pet iguana named Knuckles. 
Daisy’s sweetheart is Donald, and despite their constant bickering (and Daisy’s bossing around!), they were always meant to be, and no doubt always will be.

One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On

Donald loves Daisy so much, he even has a boat named after her, the Miss Daisy, which can now be found at Disneyland in California (I realise the image is from Florida and the Florida one is no longer there, but it was the best picture I had!).

Donald's Boat, The Miss Daisy

A world of Daisy

Daisy Duck continues to be as popular as ever, and a large selection of merchandise can often be found at the Disney Stores, and the Parks and Resorts, including usually a range of soft plush toys.

At the Parks and Resorts

Daisy Duck can be found starring in a number of roles throughout the Disney Parks empire.
At Walt Disney World Resort Daisy does not normally feature in the day parade, but does star along side her pals in the Christmas and Halloween parades.
At Disneyland Paris, Daisy is in the daily Stars ‘n’ Cars show-parade at the Walt Disney Studios Park.
In Tokyo Disneyland she is in the One Man’s Dream show, and at DisneySea, the Big Band Beat show. She also stars in the day and night parade in Tokyo Disneyland.

Meeting Arabian Daisy Duck

Meeting Daisy Duck

In the past Daisy has been somewhat hard to find, but these days Daisy meets her fans in many places. Listed here are the main ones.
In the Walt Disney World Resort, Daisy Duck can usually be found in Town Square in the Magic Kingdom. She is also found at the Sorcerer's Hat in Hollywood Studios wearing her Hollywood finest. In Animal Kingdom she is regularly at Donald's Safari Breakfast.
In Disneyland, Daisy can be often found at the Aloha Breakfast in Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel.
At Disneyland Paris Daisy is often aboard the Character Express, and over at the Front Lot in the Studios.
At Tokyo Disney Resort, Daisy meets her fans in Toontown, American Waterfront and Arabian Coast.

Naminamina - Disney Kids Summer Adventure

More information

You can visit Daisy’s own page here on this website for more information and pictures.

And Finally…

Daisy has not only won the heart of Donald with her sarcastic comments and hot temper, but also through her free spirited approach to life and the laughs she gives her friends and fans alike (albeit usually at the expense of poor Donald).

Big Band Beat at the Broadway Music Theatre

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