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Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Lots of Mickey's Not So Scary updates, Paris Plages event and more!
DisneyDan  Sunday, July 31, 2011 12:40:55 PM

Hi all,

This week sees the launch of Tinker Bell and her friend's brand new home in Adventureland in the Magic Kingdom. After spending quite some time in a rather uninspiring location in EPCOT, the Fairies have now moved into the neat looking Magical Nook at the old Adventureland Veranda. With props from the old Pixie Hollow, and some new things thrown in, Tinker Bell is joined by either Rosetta or Vidia currently on a continuous basis as she used to be, before she left for EPCOT. Inside the Magic posted this really lovely video of the new location. We hope that the other Fairies rejoin her real soon.

This does raise an interesting point though, and that is - where will Tarzan Jane, Terk, Baloo and Rafiki go this year for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties? Hopefully Disney finds them new homes and they are not just remooved altogether!

It also leads me to ponder where the Alice characters will be now that Toon Town is closed? I guess we'll see in about 6 weeks when the first party opens!

Staying with the Magic Kingdom, and I have seen from Cast Member friends on Facebook that Suzy and Perla have been making surprise random appearances the last couple of days. I have seen one contact meet them up by the Castle, and another in Town Square. Sadly as these were Facebook pictures I cannot repost.

Speaking of Halloween, I have heard some rumours regarding the Parties this year. A couple of weeks ago we heard that three new villains would be appearing this year. So far we have only heard that there is confirmation of two - Gaston and Lotso. I'll guess we'll see what happens.

We also know from a friend that there are due to be a few tweaks to Boo To You this year, but I am not allowed to say right now. But it makes a welcome change and come back!...

Swimming across the pond to Paris, and every year Paris holds a special event called Paris Plages (Paris Beach), whereby the city transform the river banks along the Seine into beaches for those who cannot escape to the coast for the summer. This year was their 10th anniversary, and so Disneyland Paris have joined the fun and launched the event with Mickey and Minnie in their Hawaiian outfits, along with Lilo and Stitch. I am not sure if they will be there every weekend through the summer, but nonetheless is looks cool, and is good to see Disney sharing the magic outside the parks for people in other areas.

Before I finish up, I want to point your attention to a number of blog posts I have made this weekend regarding our Hong Kong trip last week. If you haven't already read them, parts one and two can be found here and here respectively. While in HK I also made a couple of photo posts, with photos that aren't featured in my trip reports. So why not check those out here and here.

I also made a blog about a unique claim Jon and I can now make following the Hong Kong trip. That can be found here.

Finally, I made some changes to the Calendar to reflect some cool new Disney related things we are doing over the coming months. Check out our latest schedule here. Can anyone spot the new additions to the line up?...

Ok, that's all for now. Stay tuned this week for more of my Hong Kong Trip Report. Lots more to come!


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