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Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Exclusive report on DLP Halloween Season opening, Rapunzel's Coronation in London, WDW 40th celebrations and more!
DisneyDan  Monday, October 3, 2011 12:09:25 PM

Hi all,

This weekend was quite an eventful one in the world of Disney.

We shall begin with something close to home (at least for me!), and that is Rapunzel's coronation in London. Although I wasn't there (why did they have to have it the same weekend as DLP's Halloween Season open?!), there have been some videos posted to YouTube. I liked this one, and this one in particular.

There was a small ceremony at an indoor location, which was presented by the Fairy Godmother and also featured Flynn Rider, and there was a horse-drawn procession outside.

It was a neat and different way to induct her a the newest member of Disney Royalty, and I hope that Disney continue to do cool things like this in the future.

Over at WDW, they celebrated their 40th anniversary with a cavalcade down Main Street USA which was disappointing to many character fans as the only "rare" characters were Flora, Fauna and Merryweather. There was no special met 'n' greets apparently, either. The official Parks Blog has some photos here, and have a good video here.

Over in California, Loren attended the first Mickey's Halloween Party of the season on Friday night, and is currently working on his report for the forum. I can tell you now, there are some neat surprises, including an awesome unexpected addition to the Phineas and Ferb meet 'n' greet! So look out for that one, coming very soon!

Now moving on to Paris. Before I talk about the Halloween Season opening, I just wanted to mention that I heard from a contact while there this weekend that, with regards to my previous speculation about which fairies brand will be in the parade next year, it will indeed be the classic fairies (Fairy Godmother, Three Good Fairies etc), and not Tinker Bell and Friends. Of course anything can change, but as of right now, that is how it is looking.

So, now what a lot of you have been waiting for - Halloween Season at DLP!

I have to say that overall, if you just take this year as it is, with no comparison, I rather like it. I like the two new shows (although the secondary one could do with some tweaking, but I divulge), the Villains are still meeting and are as fun as ever, the Crypt Quintet band are back, the park still plays random Halloween music throughout, the merchandise is even better this year with some good new additions, and the decorations they do have are nice.

The Villains are back (as I said), Mickey and Pooh are out in the Halloween costumes (Pooh's is new, too!), Jack and Sally are back and the Tremaines are out regularly - but the other Big 8 Friends have NOT returned in their Halloween costumes, and that is disappointing. (For those interested, Villains I saw this weekend include Dr Facilier, Cruella, Queen of Hearts, Hook, Smee, Sheriff of Nottingham, The Witch, Maleficent and Frollo. Bowler Hat Guy was also out, but we missed him).

For some reason they have really scaled back on the décor, and I think it needs more. Not necessarily to the scale as before, but more.

They also dropped the really popular Halloween pre/post parade (used to vary form year to year which side of the parade it was at), much to the park's fan's immense sadness (I really mean that too).

But, in the place of the pre/post parade, and although they have dropped some of the special outfits for Minnie et al, they do have TWO brand new day time shows, which I really liked - so I guess you can't have everything! And to be fair, the smaller show of the two does have some amazing new outfits for Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Daisy.

Overall though, like I said, I enjoyed it, and am glad they have some good day time entertainment - I just wish they would bring back the Big 8's outfits and the pre-parade!

I have many hundred of pictures to come over the coming days of all the Halloween happenings at DLP this weekend, so look out for those. I will of course also be adding the two new shows to the site, which you will see on the panel to the left under Recently Added Locations, once I have done them.

I have already uploaded some short video clips - including a few of the new Mickey's Halloween Treat in the Street, which you can find in my Flickr set here.

Ok, I think that's all for now!


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