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Character News and Updates from Around the Web - Christmas (and Duffy!) arrives at Disneyland Paris and WDW, Special AP Christmas Event at DL, Changes to MISICI, and MUCH more!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, November 9, 2011 12:26:40 PM

Hi all,

We begin today's news with some details about Christmas Season across the parks, which has gotten under-way this week.

First off, to Disneyland Paris, where they welcomed Duffy to the Resort officially.

Duffy was inaugurated at special ceremony which incorporated the unveiling of the Gingerbread House at the Disneyland Hotel. He was joined by the band, as well as Mickey and friends in their Holiday finest.

Now that he has officially launched at DLP, he is featuring everyday on Main Street USA at the Boarding House with Mickey. Of course as expected he is wearing a Christmas outfit (as is Mickey, as always). He can also be seen during the Once Upon a Dream Parade's Christmas addition - Dreams of Christmas. He replaces the Nutcracker formerly atop the big drum.

Duffy has also replaced Chip and Dale at the Tree Lighting Ceremony which takes place every night in Town Square. Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy also return this year.

Speaking of the Parade, the Toy Soldiers have been replaced this year with a new version. Bizarrely they are now "face characters" (for want of a better phrase).

As for meet 'n' greets, Santa is back of course, as is Winnie the Pooh. This year though Pooh has a new Christmas outfit, and on top of that some of his woodland pals can be found over at the Ranch near Santa's Workshop. Tigger, Rabbit and Eeyore have also been spotted in seasonal scarves and hats in the last few days which is very welcomed indeed! Santa Goofy also makes a return.

The ever popular, and long running Mickey's Winter Wonderland returns this year again, and a new Castle Lighting show, Princess Aurora's Christmas wish premièred to a great start. It features Aurora and Phillip in lovely costumes, alongside some courtiers and none other than the Three Good Fairies.

Over in the Studios Mickey has yet another new winter outfit, and Chip and Dale have returned in seasonal clothes too - but older ones from years gone by - not the ones seen more recently! White Christmas Goofy is also there, but I haven't as yet seen any pictures of Minnie or Daisy in their winter outfits. Hopefully they are back too.

Keeping with Christmas, but moving over to California, and Loren was there this past weekend to watch the Christmas Day Parade taping. You can see all his updates here.

You may recall that a while back when Disneyland announced the Soundsational event, they originally were going to hold it for just select AP holders, and that was very unpopular. In the end everyone was allowed to come. Well in another twist, DL have now been sending out invites to "select AP holders" about a Christmas event due to happen next week. Apparently there will be about 20 characters there, as well as select attractions and amenities open throughout the four hour event.

Let us know if you manage to get invited by posting a reply to this post - we'd love to see your pictures! Just hit the Discuss button at the bottom of the page!

In the Magic Kingdom in Florida Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party started last night. The character list is fairly standard (and subject to change), as per previous years, with a few new additions such as Jack Sparrow, Duffy and Phineas and Ferb. I do think they need to mix it up a bit now though, as it has been very static for a long time!

Also in Florida, apparently Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! is receiving a few small tweaks from next week and will now feature Terk and Timon as additional characters. I believe the changes are due to take effect from the 18th.

Finally, going back to Disneyland Paris, and thinking way ahead to next year, and some sad news regarding their Halloween Season. Apparently it will be much reduced next year due to the 20th anniversary celebrations gripping the Resort. Little details are known as yet, but there has been a lot of speculation out there, which I won't mention as yet, as it is still 11 months away! Hopefully as time moves along, and we enter the new year, more details about the forthcoming year's events will become clearer.

Don't forget to check out my latest articles, "A Grand Circle Tour of Europe's Most Magical Kingdom" - a celebration of the beauty and wonder of Disneyland Paris as it approaches it's magical 20th birthday. Part One can be read here, and Part Two here. The series will continue all through this week and next, so stay tuned!

Ok, that's all for now,


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