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Happy 113th Birthday Walt Disney!
DisneyDan  Friday, December 5, 2014 8:14:02 AM
Today is 5th December, which would have been Walt Disney's 113th birthday.

Born in Chicago on 5th December 1901 to Canadian father Elias and American mother Flora, Walt found himself growing up in a rapidly changing world. The automobile, electricity and telephones were amongst the new technologies that were gradually altering the way people went about their everyday lives.

Walt Disney - One Man's Dream

Soon came World War I, and Walt found himself too young to enlist - but he did anyway!
While away he discovered his talent for drawing, and became known for decorating the helmets his comrades had found, with illustrations.

Walt Disney - One Man's Dream

From there Walt developed his talents further, and found himself creating characters and shorts such as the Alice comedies and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Meeting Oswald

Sadly Oswald wasn't too lucky for Walt, but it did spur him onwards to develop a new character in 1928 - Mickey Mouse.
Mickey was Walt, and Walt was Mickey. 

Walt's - An American Restaurant

Exploring Walt Disney Studios Store

Walt Disney was a creative genius, who was far ahead of his time. Bringing a whole new definition to the world of film and television, Walt pioneered many new concepts and technologies.
Walt won more Oscars during his lifetime than any other person, a record that he still holds.

Exploring Walt Disney Studios Store

Wandering thru the Studios

With his studio now one of the best in the world, Walt turned to other things. Bigger things.
Walt's ultimate dream was of course Disneyland; a place where anyone can come and have fun, away from reality.
In July 1955 Disneyland opened and has since become probably the most famous theme park in the world. Capturing Walt's very essence, and offering a true escape from the outside world, Disneyland was, and continues to be, the Happiest Place on Earth.

Nighttime on Main Street

Disneyland Fire Dept

Of course, Walt's dream grew and grew, and so did Disneyland, to the point where Walt dreamt even bigger!
Florida was to be the home of Walt's final dream, one which sadly he did not get to see through to completion (having passed away in 1966). Walt dreamt of a huge community where people not only lived and worked, but where they played an vacationed; known as EPCOT. A complete city built from the mind of this brilliant man.
Walt Disney World opened in October 1971 by his surviving brother and business partner, Roy, and was dedicated to Walt having changed the name from simply Disney World to Walt Disney World.

WDW Sept 2008 - Heading towards the castle

Walt Disney's Window

Although Walt's vision of EPCOT never came to fruition as he saw it, it certainly has come true. Walt Disney World has given Central Florida a different identity to what it had 50 years ago. From swamps to a metropolis filled with hotels, malls, other theme parks and indeed entire communities of people who live and work there. Walt Disney World itself has thousands of Cast Members who live and work at the resort, who come from all over the world, ensuring that Walt's final vision is forever captured in an amazing and colourful reality.

Walt Disney - One Man's Dream

Walt Disney - One Man's Dream

Over a century after his birth, we are on the brink of the 12th Disney Park opening (Shanghai, 2015/16), have a world filled with hundreds more movies, TV shows and even stores, a cruise line and much, much more.
All the parks have their own little nod to Walt and his dreams, remembering the man who started it all.

Walt's Window in World Bazaar

Wandering down Main Street USA

Wandering down Main Street

Christmas at the Partners Statue

Wandering up Main Street USA

Photos of Walt and Lilly in Lilly's Boutique

Hall of Fame

Salon Mickey

Walt Disney lived to entertain, and entertained for a living. He gave the world a slice of imagination and inspiration that is unrivalled, and that will continue for many more decades.

Happy 113th Birthday, Walt Disney. We thank you for your dedication to your dreams.

Wandering up Main Street USA

Salon Mickey

Salon Mickey

Partners Statue and Cinderella Castle

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