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Character of the Week - Mickey Mouse
DisneyDan  Wednesday, October 27, 2010 4:38:10 AM
Mickey Mouse is unquestionably the most famous mouse, and probably cartoon star of all time, and in this first edition of a new regular feature on the Character Central Blog, I am going to re-introduce you to everyone’s favourite mouse. So come now as we celebrate the life and career of Mickey Mouse.

Meeting Mickey Mouse

The Beginning
Mickey Mouse made his debut in the black and white animated short “Plane crazy”, in 1928 (made before “Steamboat Willie” but screened after). Since then he has gone on to star in many, many roles, from Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Fantasia, 1940) to ghost hunter (Lonesome Ghosts, 1937).

Meeting Steamboat Willie Mickey

Mickey and Minnie
This year Mickey will be 82 years old, and shares his birthday - the 18th November - with his lifelong sweetheart, Minnie Mouse. Mickey and Minnie have been companions since their first appearance together in “Steamboat Willie” and have since shared lots of adventures together.

One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On

His Pals
Mickey’s best friends include his faithful pet dog, Pluto, Mr George Geef - otherwise known as Goofy - and Donald Duck. Together the trio have run a fire department (“Mickey’s Fire Brigade”, 1935), been Three Musketeers (“The Three Musketeers”, 2004), and travelled around the great wilderness in Mickey’s trailer (“Mickey’s Trailer”, 1938). As these things go though, they never run smoothly! But with his chirpy nature and level head, Mickey is always able to save his friends from danger.

Dream Along with Mickey

His Comeback to the Small Screen
More recently Mickey has returned to the screens with “The House of Mouse” (2001 - 2003) and the “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” (2006 - present). In these shows Mickey works with his friends to solve problems and have fun.

At the Parks and Resorts
Since Disneyland’s opening in 1955, Mickey Mouse has been a crucial part of the Parks and Resorts business, and his famous image can be found just about anywhere in Parks. Appearing for his fans in locations across the Parks, starring in shows and parades and even running a restaurant or two, Mickey has his talented hand in everything. Mickey has been there from the start, and with Imagineering continuing to persuade Mickey to star in new roles, it will be a very long time before he decides to retire!

Meeting Mickey
At Disneyland Resort in California, Mickey can be found all the time at his house in Toontown. Depending on when you visit, you may be lucky enough to meet him in his Sorcerer outfit, as Steamboat Willie, or as the band leader (“The Band Concert”, 1935). Mickey may sometimes be found on Main Street also, but not very often.
At California Adventure Mickey used to appear in his Californian tourist best, but has not made appearances since earlier this year. He has now moved to a new “World of Color” gazebo up by Ariel’s Grotto where he is in his regular outfit.
At Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Mickey can be found in the Judge’s Tent behind his house. Recently though Mickey allowed the Imagineers to design a new area for the Magic Kingdom, and so Mickey’s Florida home will soon be gone. He will be meeting at Expo Hall on Main Street from then on.
At EPCOT Mickey meets at the Character Spot in Future World, along with all his best friends in their Innoventions setting.
At Animal Kingdom you can find him at the Camp Minnie-Mickey trails in his camp councillor finest.
At Hollywood Studios Mickey dons his Sorcerer robes once again and wears Yensid’s hat to cast some spells over at the Magic of Animation building.

Sorcerer Mickey

In Disneyland Paris, Mickey can be found regularly on Main Street USA, and over at Cottonwood Creek Ranch. He can sometimes be found in Adventureland in his safari best, or dressed for a trip to the stars over in Discoveryland.
In the Walt Disney Studios Mickey meets in the Frontlot and in Toon Studio, usually in his regular outfit, but sometimes in his superstar finest.
At Tokyo Disneyland, Mickey appears at his house in the same outfits as Disneyland in California, and also randomly throughout the park, for example in his country best in Critter Country.
Finally, in Tokyo DisneySea Mickey appears regularly in American Waterfront and at the Lost River Delta.

Now Starring…
As I said above, Mickey continues to star in most shows and parades across the Parks and Resorts.
At Disneyland Park in California Mickey can be found in the current “parade”, Celebrate! A Street Party, which runs twice per day down Main Street. Mickey can also be found playing some classic Disney tunes with the Disneyland Band in front of the Castle on a regular basis. From early next year celebrate! Will be replaced with a new day parade. Soundsational!
In California Adventure Mickey has started starring in a new show called Disney Dance Crew, where he gets down and hip with the latest street moves (see, even at 82 Mickey still has it in him!)
At Walt Disney World Mickey’s big starring role is at his Castle stage show in the Magic Kingdom, Dream Along with Mickey. A wonderful and inspiring show all about the power of dreams, Mickey and his friends help save the day against the ever-powerful Maleficent.
Mickey also appears in the Magic Kingdom day parade, “Celebrate a Dream Come True”, and the Animal Kingdom day parade “Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade” (Just how does he do it?!).
In Disneyland Paris Mickey stars in the day parade, "Once Upon a Dream", and in the hub show which changes from season to season and celebration to celebration. Currently the show is called Disney Showtime Spectacular.

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

At the Walt Disney Studios, Mickey appears in the magical show “Animagique”.
At Tokyo Disneyland there are so many shows that Mickey and the gang appear in, it would take a while to list them all! The main one really would be the day parade, Jubilation!, One Man’s Dream in Tomorrowland, and the Legend of Mythica at DisneySea.

Celebrating the Season
Mickey loves to join in the festivities what ever time of year, including Hallowen, Christmas, Valentines and St. Patrick’s Day. With many different outfits for every occasion, and festive shows and parades, Mickey is always ready to celebrate the holidays of the world. Below are some pictures of his various seasonal costumes.

Halloween MickeyPrince MickeyMeeting Mickey Mouse in his Christmas outfit

More information
You can find more information about where to meet Mickey, and lots more pictures of him and his ever growing wardrobe by going to his page on this site, which can be found here.

And Finally…
With all his talent, and his enormous fan base, Mickey is still the top of the Disney empire and will continue to make peoples dreams come true for at least another 82 years, and hopefully many more.
Always willing to give you a hug, and have a joke with his pals, a friend to everyone; Mickey Mouse is not just a star, he is THE star in the glittering Disney sky.

Mickey Mouse: Superstar

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