Queen Elsa

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Since birth Elsa has had the ability to create ice and snow, which grew more and more powerful and unpredictable. Playing games with her younger sister, Elsa accidentally injured her, which caused her to fear her power, and fear herself. After her parents were tragically killed at sea, Elsa was to become queen when she came of age. At her coronation she panicked which caused her powers to explode to proportions not even she could have imaged. Elsa ran and hid herself in the mountains, where she created herself a glistening ice palace. Anna came to the palace to persuade Anna to come home, but after they were tricked by Prince Hans, Elsa was captured. In trying to save her sister, Anna was turned to ice. Her actions melted Elsa's heart though, allowing Elsa to take control of her power. Anna was restored to life and the kingdom was saved. Now, Elsa will never shut anyone out again. No longer fearing her power, Elsa has become the queen she was born to be.

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Meeting Elsa

Elsa can currently be met daily at her Summerhus at Epcot, and inside the Animation building at Disney California Adventure in California.
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Walt Disney World
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Paris
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Out Regularly Walt Disney World  
Out Regularly Disneyland  
Not out normally or Seasonal/Special Events Only Disneyland Paris  
Unknown Tokyo Disneyland  
Not out normally or Seasonal/Special Events Only Hong Kong Disneyland  
Unknown Shanghai  
Disney Cruise Line  
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