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Character of the Week - Pocahontas
DisneyDan  Saturday, March 26, 2011 4:16:18 AM
Welcome to the return of Character of the week!

Pocahontas is the Powhatan Princess from near where we now call Jamestown, Virginia, USA.

DLP Feb 2010 - Meeting Pocahontas

Daughter of the Powhatan Chief, Pocahontas has always been free spirited, and enjoys getting to know nature and the environment around her. She finds friendship and council in Old Grandmother Willow, raccoon Meeko and hummingbird Flit, a somewhat unusual collection of companions, but all just as loyal to Pocahontas as she is to them.

Pocahontas is set to marry Kocuom, a fierce tribal warrior, but Pocahontas has her reservations about the union. English settlers arrive, and her father, the Chief, orders Pocahontas to stay away from the white men. Against her father’s wishes though, Pocahontas befriends, and later falls in love with John Smith.

Sadly it all goes terribly wrong when Pocahontas’s friend finds out about the friendship, and after a series of disastrous events for her Tribe, including the death of Kocuom, the tribe capture John Smith. Little does the Chief know that Pocahontas has fallen in love with John Smith, and she helps to set him free.

As Pocahontas encourages her father to free John Smith, the cold hearted and selfish Governor Ratcliffe attempts to shoot the Powhatan Chief, but John Smith takes the bullet instead. In a rare not-so-happy ending, Smith is gravely injured and must return to England for treatment, leaving Pocahontas behind. After seeing the courageous efforts of John Smith and his daughter, the Chief gives his blessing for the two to be reunited again in the future.

At the Parks and Resorts

Despite the movie being beautifully designed, and having some great songs, Disney has not done much with Pocahontas over the years. Many years ago Disneyland Paris had a show in Frontierland, before the days of the Tarzan show. In Walt Disney World she used to have a permanent show in Animal Kingdom, but that was scrapped about two years ago, and now the theatre is used during peak times only for character meet ‘n’ greets. Pocahontas does still come out there for storytelling from time to time, and for meets, but again, only during peak periods.

WDW Sept 2008 - Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

Pocahontas does have a rather large section in the Hollywood Studios version of Fantasmic!, but even that show is cut back these days to about two nights per week, and the Pocahontas section is quite unpopular amongst fans who often compare the WDW version to the much better Disneyland version (that feature Peter Pan in Pocahontas’s place). She also features in the Tokyo Disneyland parade, Jubilation! alongside Meeko.


Pocahontas does have just one “attraction” to her name, and that is the Pocahontas Indian Village in Frontierland at Disneyland Paris.

Pocahontas Indian Village

Finally, she does come out at the very end of Disney On Ice – 100 Years of Magic along with John Smith. There is no scene for her; instead she just appears along with a whole host of other Disney Pals for the grand finale of the show.

Meeting Pocahontas

Pocahontas can be found fairly often at the Good Times Gathering Spot (same place her show used to be) in the Animal Kingdom in Florida. Also in the Animal Kingdom she has been known to very occasionally make appearances at Rafiki's Planet Watch, and at The Oasis.

I have also heard of her making the odd appearance in Tokyo DisneySea at American Waterfront, though I have no confirmation of when.

She can rarely be found elsewhere, including Frontierland in both California and Paris.

She used to appear at the Pirate and Princess Parties at the Magic Kingdom, but they ended some years ago now. This year Disneyland Paris is holding a similar event for the first time, titled Princesses and Pirates. Pocahontas and John Smith are expected to be there on all four evenings.

More Information

For loads more photos and information on Pocahontas, go to our official page for her here on this site.

WDW Sept 2008 - Pocahontas and Her Forest Friends

And Finally

Independent, courageous and loyal, Pocahontas is a natural born leader who shows both sides how to get along, and that fighting is not always the answer.

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Just so you are aware, the next Character of the Week is likely to be about 10 days from now, instead of a week like I used to post.

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