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Happy Father's Day!
DisneyDan  Sunday, June 16, 2013 4:51:25 AM
Today, Sunday 16th June, is Father's Day in many countries around the world.
In the magical worlds of Disney there are many characters who are a dad, or who have been seen as a dad, or performed fatherly duties.
Let us thank them all, and celebrate with our own dads, in this special photo cavalcade.

First up, it's the original Disney dad, Goofy! Although he often embarrasses his son Max, they make quite the pair, and are more alike than Max cares to admit.

Roger Rabbit's Toontown Dream

DLR DDE Closing Ceremony

King Triton has seven daughters, the most famous of which is of course Ariel. Despite Triton's concerns about the human world, he loves his daughter so much that he allows her to become human, and marry Prince Eric.

WDW Dec 2009 - SpectroMagic Parade

Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes


The King wanted his son Prince Charming, to find his true love, and so threw a ball in his honour. The plan worked, and Charming found Cinderella!

DCL Mar 2012 - Dreams - An Enchanted Classic

The Sultan of Agrabah was maybe not as easy on his daughter Jasmine, and was quite happy for her to marry his evil advisor, Jafar. In the end though he saw the spark of true love between Aladdin and Jasmine, and was happy for them to marry.

Aladdin's Dream of Adventures Dinner

Mr Incredible is a real hero to his son Dash. Literally, he is a superhero and full time dad!

PIXAR Pals featuring Heroes in Training Squad

Crush is a totally rad dad, and lets Squirt ride in and out of the EAC all on his own!

WDW April 2011 - Finding Nemo - The Musical

Dr Doofenshmirtz is father to Vanessa. Although an unlikely role model, he does love his daughter, and they get along... in their own way!

Mar 2012 - Disney's Phineas and Ferb Live: The Best LIVE Tour Ever!

Gosalyn Mallard's father is Drake Mallard, AKA Darkwing Duck (but don't tell anyone!).

Dream of Glory with DARKWING DUCK!!

Next is the kindly Italian toy maker, Geppetto. Geppetto carved his son, Pinocchio, out of wood, and wished upon a star for him to become a real boy.

DLP Aug 2011 - Characters come out to meet their fans in Fantasyland

Disneyland July 2012 - Saying hi to Geppetto

Carl Fredricksen didn't have a ny children of his own, but when Russell accidentally ends up in his house traveling to South America, their share a bond that is truly unique and special.

DLP June 2011 - Disney's Dine with the PIXAR Stars

Emperor Zurg claims to be Buzz Lightyear's father, but that is unconfirmed, and something which I am sure we will never get from Buzz himself! Definitely not a role model, nor a good influence!

Disney On Ice - Toy Story 3

The Little Green Men had only ever known The Claw as their guide. Choosing candidates to go off with humans for a new life, for better or worse. When Mr Potato Head came along, they found stability, and through his grumpy facade, a potato that actually cares.

Disneyland Aug 2009 - Pixar Play Parade

Dr Jumba Jookiba is the mad scientist who created Stitch (Experiment 626), and Sttch's other 625 "cousins". Though technically they are genetic experiments, Jumba is now one of their guardians, exiled on Earth. When they are in trouble, he tries to fix them using Earth's limited technological resources.

Jumba at Stitch's Hawaiian Paradise Party

Kerchak was the leader of the gorillas, when Kala brought Tarzan to him. Although a reluctant fatherly figure, Kerchak taught Tarzan how to be a strong leader, and excellent warrior.

On the Wild Side event

Despite his flaws, Frollo looked after Quasimodo in the bell tower of Notre Dame for many years, teaching him, and bringing him what he needed.

DDE May 2013 - Walt Disney World Farewell Event

Jango Fett cloned himself, and raised his "son" Boba to follow in his footsteps.

DDE May 2013 - Meeting the Stars of Star Wars

Finally, Darth Vader, otherwise known as Anakin Skywalker. Although he turned to the Dark Side for many years, there was still good in him. When confronted with the choice of redeeming himself to save his children, or continuing down his path of power and destruction, he ultimately chose his own death in order to save his son and daughter.

DLP Halloween 2012 - Meeting Darth Vader

So, there we have it! Have a very Disney Father's Day from us here at Character Central!

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