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Character of the Week - Cruella de Vil
DisneyDan  Monday, May 30, 2011 3:09:01 AM
Cruella de Vil is the dog-snatching villain from the 1961 movie 101 Dalmatians. Living in Hell Hall, Cruella is a wealthy heiress who just loves fur coats. She loves fur coats so much that her mean and selfish streaks make her want the softest, most expensive coats around.

Meeting Cruella DeVil

When visiting an old school “friend”, Cruella discovers that she owns fifteen brand new Dalmatian puppies. Determined to see her coat finished, she offers a large sum of money to purchase the puppies, but is refused. Cruella then takes it upon herself to acquire the puppies another way – by hiring the bumbling brothers Jasper and Horace to steal them, and their parents.
The dogs are locked up at Hell Hall with 84 others that have been stolen or purchased by Cruella to make her coats. Cruella learns that the police may be on to her and orders her henchmen to start the process to make the coats. Before they can kill the puppies though, the dogs manage to escape with the help of some other local animals.
As they make their escape, they are pursued by a raging Cruella. Without realising though, the brothers are also on the trail, and just as Cruella nearly succeeds getting the dogs back, she collides with them, and they end up in a wreck.

At the Parks and Resorts

Cruella does not feature in many things very often these days. She tends to star in shows and parades more around Halloween time.
In California she does feature in the Hook and Ladder Company musical performance in front of the Fire House. She comes along and tries to steal their mascot, which of course is a Dalmatian.

Hook and Ladder Company

In Florida at the Mickey’s not so scary Halloween Parties she can be found in the Villains Mix and Mingle, and in the Boo To You Parade.

Cruella DeVil

In Paris you can find her regularly in the Star ‘n’ Cars parade at the Studios, and at Halloween in the Villains Showtime (or whatever the current version is that year, as it can vary a little). As of last Halloween she was also in the Halloween post-parade in her own black and white car.

Disney's Stars 'n' Cars

The Disney Villains Halloween Showtime

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade - Dreams of Trick or Treat

There tends not to be much merchandise around for Cruella, more normally focussing on the Dalmatians of the film that made her famous, rather than her. In the past though there have been pins, and even a plush, which was a little scary!

Disney Store Cruella DeVil pin

Cruella DeVil

Meeting Cruella de Vil

Cruella can regularly be found meeting her fans on Main Street USA in Disneyland. Other than that she doesn’t get out in the US very often these days.

Meeting Cruella DeVil

In Paris she can nearly always be found in the Studios around lunch time, and at Halloween is one of the regular villains to appear across the parks, quite often in Frontierland. In Tokyo she is out regularly in American Waterfront.

More Information

For more information on Cruella de Vil, including more precise meeting locations and shows and parades she features in, check out her page here on this site.

And Finally

Just because she was foiled once by the Dalmatians, Cruella was not swayed from her dog-snatching ways, and still continues to pursue her dreams of owning the most luxurious fur coat in the world – at whatever cost.

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